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  1. Foreign candidates: do not install any software, we give you express equipment, and according to the tutorial installation;
  2. Domestic candidates: bring your certificate to our venue;
  3. In neighboring provinces, you can negotiate with teachers;
  4. After sales commitment: within one year from the date of performance, if the score is cancelled due to cheating, full refund or re examination will be arranged.
***GMAT online test real time answers***
GMAT cheating at home: 1. The simplest: come to our venue, nothing to worry about. 2. If you can't come to the site, please purchase the specified equipment and install it under our guidance* Affected by the epidemic situation, most of the offline test sites of GMAT can not be opened, so GMAT online, that is, the online version, was launched.   This is absolutely good news for candidates who want to take the exam or cheat. Before there is no online test version, it is very difficult to cheat in the offline examination site, the risk is much higher and the cost is more.   The duration and content of the GMAT online test are consistent with the offline version. Organizations that accept the GMAT offline test scores will also accept the online test results in theory. To be safe, please consult the organization you want to apply for. The validity period is five years, so even if you don't need GMAT score now, but if you plan to use GMAT score within five years, it is strongly recommended to seize this opportunity, because offline cheating is really difficult.  
GMAT test
Here are some frequently asked questions about GMAT test. For more questions, please contact us at:      ? The biggest difficulty of GMAT test       ? GMAT test price       ? GMAT agent examination process     
The biggest difficulty of GMAT test
The biggest difficulty of GMAT proxy examination is the shortage of gunners, which is mainly caused by the following two reasons:    
  1. Because GMAT uses vein palmprint recognition technology, it is different from fingerprint, and can't be forged. This has resulted in a shooter acting for GMAT only once in a few years.
  2. GMAT test is more difficult, logical thinking, English level have higher requirements, can test high marks of few shooters.
Therefore, the GMAT agent has less consideration and longer arrangement period. Candidates who want to take the GMAT test, especially those with higher score requirements, please contact us as soon as possible to make an appointment.    
GMAT test price
As GMAT shooters are non renewable resources, we have spent a lot of human and financial resources to recruit and train GMAT shooters.   GMAT candidates should have a budget of at least 2.5W yuan. The price will be increased depending on the score and appointment time. Budget is not enough, the price grinding please detour, can arrange, test out the ideal result is worth the money.   If the result of the first substitute examination is not satisfactory, the arrangement will be continued until the ideal score is obtained. No fee will be charged for the subsequent substitute examination.    
GMAT agent examination process
In short, the process of GMAT test is as follows:    
  1. Discuss the score requirements of GMAT
  2. Negotiation of examination time and fee
  3. Select and train GMAT shooters
  4. Candidates should register for GMAT according to the designated examination room
  5. Operate GMAT and wait for the result patiently
  6. Payment after achievement and compliance

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