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Junior high school students can go to Australia to study, do you study

Source: unknown 2016-06-15

Recently, there have been new changes in the visa for studying in Australia. It is the first time for junior high school students to study in China. Originally, international students who could only apply for the courses above grade 10 in Australian schools can now apply for the courses above grade 7, that is, they can apply for Australian 571 student visa after graduation from grade 6 of primary school to enter grade 7 (grade 1). However, the Immigration Bureau has set the age limit, that is, Grade 7 must be less than 15 years old, Grade 8 should be less than 16 years old, and grade 9 should be less than 17 years old. As soon as the news came out, there was a sharp increase in the number of consultation and processing of studying in Australia in April. Some overseas study institutions submitted 8 applications for studying in Australia that month. So, what do overseas study experts think of this? Let's have a look.

Liu Dan, a consultant expert from Australia and New Zealand Department of Jinjilie's study abroad in Jilin Province, "The introduction of the new deal brings three good news. First of all, students studying in Australia have been relaxed. In the past, students can only apply for Grade 10 and above, but now they can apply for Grade 7. There is an important change. In the past, when you go to Australia for secondary school, you need to provide the scores of the second and third semester of junior high school before you can get the conditional admission notice of Australian high school. In fact, it is the first to take the place. When you get to junior high school, you need to provide three semesters Only after graduation certificate can you apply for a visa. According to the regulations, you have to study language courses for 15 to 20 weeks before you go to Australia. If you slow down the progress of visa processing, your child will probably miss the language course at the end of July, which means that you can't catch up with the main courses in January of the next year. Language courses and main courses can only be moved to October and April of the next year, delaying children's time In the past, students were required to provide a deposit certificate of 500000 yuan for senior high school students in Australia. For example, parents were required to provide a deposit certificate of 300000 yuan, a total of 800000 yuan. After the introduction of the new policy, students and accompanying parents only need to provide 200000 yuan deposit certificate, which is greatly reduced Third, it provides overseas investment opportunities for families studying abroad. This is one of the reasons why junior high school students go to Australia to study abroad

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