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Instructions for junior high school students to study in Australia

Source: unknown 2016-06-15

Students who want to study in Australia should pay attention! The policy of applying for international junior high school students has been issued. With the adjustment of student visa, it was officially introduced on March 22, 2014. Since then, Chinese students can directly apply for studying in Australia to study in grade 7-9 of junior high school. Let's take a look at the specific situation.

According to Tiandao Australia application experts, students applying for junior high school courses in Australia need to complete at least Grade 6 or equivalent education in China. The age requirements for Australian school applicants are as follows:

· enter year 12 and be no more than 20 years old;

· be enrolled in year 11 and be no more than 19 years old;

· enter year 10 and be under 18 years old;

· enter year 9 and be under 17 years old;

· enter year 8 and be under the age of 16;

· enter year 7 and be no older than 15 weeks.

Due to the younger age of junior high school students, the state education bureaus currently have different requirements for Australian application for guardianship arrangements and schools that can accept junior high school students

New state public government secondary school

1. Junior high school tuition $12000 / year

2. Students in Grade 7 and grade 8 require guardians or immediate family members to accompany them, while students in Grade 9 do not require guardians

3. A 20 week language course is required before entering high school.

4. Recommended schools

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Queensland public government secondary school

1. EQI will arrange guardians for students. Schools can arrange guardianship if they are over 11 years old in Brisbane, while Gold Coast requires them to be over 15 years old.

2. If the above requirements are not met, parents should accompany them or appoint local relatives as guardians.

Victoria Public Government Secondary School

It is the same as Australia's application for studying abroad in grades 10-12, with 20 weeks of language courses in front of it, accompanying students in grades 7-8. The school can issue guardianship letters to students over 13 years old.

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