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Overview of application conditions for Australian high school visa

Source: unknown 2016-06-15

With the increasing number of students studying abroad, more and more students go to Australia to study in senior high school. Since they want to study in Australian high school, do the students know about studying in Australian high school? What are the conditions to apply for an Australian high school visa?

Basic requirements of applicant

Park Xichun, a gold medal consultant from the Australian Department, said that the basic requirements for Australian high school students are: junior high school graduates, no more than 18 years old when entering grade 10, and no more than 19 years old when entering grade 11.

Skipping is not allowed in Australian high schools. For example, students who graduate from junior high school when they go to Australia will not be able to attend grade 11 in Australia; It is allowed to go back to senior high schools in Australia. For example, students who have just finished grade two in China when they go to Australia can go to Australia to study for senior two again. However, the time limit for reverse reading shall not exceed one and a half years.

In Australia, the time of studying in senior high school should not be less than 16 months. Therefore, students should apply for the third semester of Grade 11 at the latest. However, in general, the school does not allow students to change classes in Grade 11.

English requirements

If the applicant is less than 16 years old, IELTS can be exempted naturally; If the applicant is over the age of 16, he can apply for IELTS exemption. It also needs to provide:

Junior high school diploma

Admission notice of ordinary high school or proof of studying

Junior high school three years English achievement is higher than 75%. Such students will default to reading the language for 20 weeks first.

If the applicant does not meet the above English requirements, an IELTS score is required. IELTS requires 5 points, if less than 5 points, you need to go to the school or the nearest language center to study the language for no more than 30 weeks. Of course, different high schools also have different IELTS entry requirements when applying for schools, and schools generally recommend the number of weeks students should study in the language.

Guardian arrangement

If the applicant is under the age of 18, a guardian in Australia is required. Generally, it is necessary to decide who will act as the guardian when applying for the school. Parents can choose to ask the school or the Education Bureau to arrange a guardian. If the parent has a designated guardian in Australia, the application should be submitted and approved in advance.

Capital guarantee

Applicants will be required to show sufficient funds to meet their travel, tuition and living expenses while studying in Australia. As the tuition fees of schools will be different, the amount of guarantee will also be different. The applicant is required to provide a bank deposit certificate of the amount of guarantee. Each deposit in the certificate must be deposited in the bank six months before submitting the visa application materials. These funds must be available cash in bank accounts. These funds must be kept in bank accounts during the visa review period. Proof that non cash assets are not accepted as capital guarantee. In addition, loans granted by banks and other financial institutions can also be used as guarantees.

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