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Five key points of Australian high school application

Source: unknown 2016-06-17

During this period, a lot of junior high school students went to information Australia to study in high school. Why do so many people choose to study in Australia? Comfortable living environment, rich cultural environment and safe social security environment. Australia has become the first choice for many students to study abroad, which is different from China's "one test for life". Australia's senior high schools adopt the combination of usual performance and examination results to determine whether they can go to school. For example, the Australian capital and Tasmania depend on their usual performance.

There are still great differences between the education systems of China and Australia. It is a matter of careful arrangement to apply for studying in Australia. In particular, there should be no carelessness in the application for studying in Australia. So what should we pay attention to in Australia's high school application? What problems should be considered in the application for studying abroad to be well prepared? Tengjun will give you a detailed introduction to the five aspects of applying for Australian high school.

Australian high school application conditions and study fees

Different types of Australian international schools have great differences in their charging standards and admission requirements, which should also be taken into account when applying for study abroad. Australian high schools are divided into private and public schools. The annual tuition fee of public high schools is about $12000-14000. The annual tuition fee of private high school is between $20000 and $40000. Public school applications need to provide a copy of the front page of the passport, junior high school diploma, junior high school transcripts, language transcripts, etc. Language achievement is not required. If students do not have language scores, the school can arrange language classes for 20 weeks before the formal course begins. If IELTS reaches 5.0, you can avoid 20 weeks of language classes.


The educational system of Australian High Schools

Australia's secondary education has inherited the British educational system. There are six years in secondary school, four years in junior high school (grade 7-10) and two years in senior high school (grade 11-12). Chinese students who want to study in Australia need to get at least a junior high school diploma, starting from grade 10 at the earliest. Australian senior high school students have certain age requirements, grade 10 can not exceed 18 years old, grade 11 can not exceed 19 years old, grade 12 can not exceed 20 years old.

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