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Application skills and precautions of master's degree in Australia

Source: unknown 2016-06-15

Generally, the application process in Australia is as follows:

Submit school application materials (graduation certificate, transcripts, etc.) → get the offer (only those who can get the offer must complete the content required in the offer) → pay tuition fees → get COE → submit visa materials → get visa → go to Australia.

Application skills:

Be prepared for language performance

In order to apply for master's degree, special attention should be paid to the preparation of language scores. Many students have to go to Australia to complete language courses ahead of time because their language scores do not meet the requirements of the school. Some students are even forced to delay their enrollment for half a year because of the conflict between the scheduled language course time and the opening time of the main course. So all students who want to go to Australia to study for a master's degree should prepare their language scores in advance.

matters needing attention:

E-visa does not accept personal application

E-visa is a way for Australian immigration to accept applications and issue visa permits through the Internet. After the student visa materials are submitted through the Internet, the application will enter the examination procedure directly. From submitting the application to obtaining the visa, the whole procedure is more convenient and faster than the ordinary visa, and students get the visa faster. One thing to be reminded is that e-visa does not accept personal application. Students can only apply through qualified e-visa agencies approved by immigration Australia.

Australian universities, which always attract large numbers of Chinese students, are nervous. As China's economic growth slows, the devaluation of the RMB affects personal income, and local Chinese universities attract more students by improving the quality of education, which may affect the ability of Australian universities to attract Chinese students.

According to the Australian daily, Matt Durnin, regional director of research and consultancy for the British Council (East Asia) in Beijing, said: "China is entering more and more top 500 schools in the world, and all parts of the country, especially the provincial capitals, are committed to improving the quality of education in Universities," he said, Foreign universities will encounter a slowdown in the growth of the number of Chinese students studying abroad in the future, but the number of Chinese students studying abroad should not decline.

The most seriously affected is the United States, which has the largest number of Chinese students. According to the latest data from UNESCO, nearly 32% (a $225474) of Chinese students went to the United States in 2014. Other countries favored by Chinese students include Japan (13%), Australia (12%) and the UK (11.5%).

According to reports, another recently released report on Chinese students showed that in 2014, 460000 Chinese students went abroad to study abroad, a rapid increase compared with 110000 in 2005, and the growth rate reached 11% in 2014-15 alone. In 2014, the number of Chinese students coming to Australia increased by 10%. In addition, according to the Ministry of education, 377054 foreign students studied in China in 2014, up 5.8% from 2013. In terms of the source countries of these students, South Korea (16.7%) was the largest, the United States (6.4%) was the second, and Thailand (5.6%) was the third. Australia ranked 19th in the list of countries of origin of overseas students in 2014. There were 4721 students studying in China that year, an increase of 37% over the previous year.

It is reported that although there are not many Australian students studying in China, the growth situation is gratifying. According to the new Colombo Plan launched by the Australian government, more than 1400 Australian college students will study in China in 2015 and 2016.

In today's society, the college entrance examination is no longer the only way for students to study. Studying abroad provides more opportunities for students to enter famous universities. Among the most popular countries to study abroad, Australia has become an ideal country for many international students with its safe learning environment, world-famous education quality and easy immigration opportunities. So, how do high school graduates who want to study in Australia realize studying in famous Australian schools?

Go to preparatory school first and then to undergraduate course

The best universities in Australia are the eight universities in Australia. In addition to the University of Mexico, the other seven universities all recognize the results of the college entrance examination. If Chinese students want to enter the University of Melbourne in Australia, they must first take the preparatory course. In addition, if the score of the College entrance examination does not meet the requirements, but the students with good results usually can also enter the other seven universities of the eight Australian universities through preparatory courses.

The preparatory course usually lasts for one year. The whole preparatory course is designed around undergraduate study. In addition to English and information technology, the preparatory course has a variety of professional courses, including accounting, economics, biotechnology, engineering, etc., which lays a foundation for students to enter the undergraduate study.

High school graduates want to enter Australia's famous universities, the main course score of high school should be above 80 points, IELTS 5.5 points, can choose the preparatory course, after the completion of the course, students can enter the first year of undergraduate study.

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