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Australian master's application schedule (complete)

Source: unknown 2016-06-15

Australia is a country of immigrants, and the latest policy has great advantages in terms of immigration. Master's application has always been the main force among the students applying for studying in Australia. Here is a detailed time planning table for the application of master's degree, so as to ensure that students can apply to famous Australian schools in the most favorable time.

July - September

Take advantage of the summer vacation to get a good understanding of Australian universities and majors, and then choose a suitable university and major according to your own situation. If you don't know much about it, you can consult a professional study abroad consultant. Because universities and majors are the most important part of studying abroad, which will affect the following performance requirements.

September - October

Parents and students choose the appropriate colleges and majors, guide the preparation of materials, apply for schools, and begin to prepare the study abroad guarantee. Students are ready to apply for IELTS and get 6.5 points; In addition, if the average score of the first six semesters is not ideal, you should prepare well and strive for better results in the course of the senior year.

If you are going to enroll in July, you need to submit your visa in March and April. Therefore, you need to hurry up to handle the deposit procedures of the security deposit, and parents should be prepared (more than half a year's deposit is required). Students need to issue a 6 semester report card and proof of study, determine the school and major to apply for, prepare the recommendation letter, PS, study plan, etc., strive to complete the preparation within one week, submit the application and wait for offer. During this period, students will receive IELTS training and strive to meet the requirements of the school as soon as possible.

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