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Abandoning Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Sciences and following his girlfriend's footsteps

Source: unknown 2016-06-16

  • Related achievements:
  • School: Chengdu No.4 Middle School
  • Admission school: University of Chicago
  • Admission major: financial management


The first time we met, we can see that x is a very serious person, which played a very important role in the smooth application.

When I met with classmate x for the first time, I could see from his eyes that he was quick and firm. However, the reason why he came to Tiandao to study abroad was a little bit unexpected. His girlfriend had already got a job offer on Facebook. In order to follow her, he resolutely gave up his background of postgraduate education in Chinese Academy of Sciences and applied for American graduate students. Of course, I was deeply impressed by his courage and determination, It's a great thing to give up something for a person.

In the brainstorming, Mr. X talked about his internship experience in several domestic Internet giant companies. We can see that his hardware background is very good, but there are also shortcomings. GT scores are slightly weaker. In addition, as a domestic graduate student, it is difficult to apply for foreign graduate students, which is not accepted by most schools. Therefore, the paper teacher should spend some "careful thinking" in the creation of documents. His research experience in the Chinese Academy of Sciences was transformed into a work experience, which turned the disadvantages into advantages and increased the assistance for the application of student X.

A complete, can move the admissions officer's application cannot leave the perfect document. The creation of documents is one of the characteristics of the way of heaven. Our documents fully conform to the taste of the admissions officers. It not only makes the students' characteristics and advantages perfectly present, but also makes it more humanized and pays attention to the communication with students. Therefore, the process of creating a composition book with classmate x is very efficient and smooth. The preciseness and seriousness of classmate x bring great convenience to the creation of composition books, The "meticulous" document came out in this way.

As an integral part of the application, online application is also the most basic part. At the beginning, most students did not attach great importance to it.

They focus on discussing documents with the clerical teachers, often neglecting to fill in the online application; Online application is a detailed process. It seems to be simple to fill in personal information and various basic information. However, if you are not careful, you may fill in the wrong information, which will affect the normal application. Mr. X did a very good job on this point. He never let go of every small problem. He carefully thought about how to fill in the form and express it more clearly. Under the guidance of the process teacher, the online application part was easily completed. There were almost no mistakes and omissions in the first proofreading.

With the completion of the paperwork and the successful completion of the online application, student X's application ended perfectly. On one day in March, X received his first admission: USC. Then came the admission to the University of Chicago and Carnegie Mellon University. After half a year's hard work, X finally got the offer of the ideal university by virtue of seriousness and persistence! I wish X students with this tenacity and rigor, in the future study and work on the road smoothly!

 University of Chicago

University of Chicago

"Extensive view and appointment, thick accumulation and thin hair", the admission of Tiandao study abroad in 2015 is bound to be more exciting.

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