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Source: unknown 2016-06-16

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  • School: Chengdu No.7 Middle School
  • University of Rochester
  • Admission major: Economics


Take advantage of the advantages of university transcripts in filling in the online application, and avoid filling in unless GPA is required. In terms of documents, the teacher suggests that students should dilute their academic performance in school, focus on describing w's work experience related to the application, and focus on W's contribution to the whole research group and his creative thinking, so as to show his professional level and professional quality.

The final admission results did not disappoint w's expectations, and offers came in succession. Not only did Rochester University, which reduced 50% of tuition fees, but also Northeastern University, where his girlfriend studied, as well as the State University of New York Buffalo, which he liked very much and matched his research interests, and many other schools were waiting for him to choose. It is the close cooperation between us that we have achieved today's satisfactory admission results. I hope that w can choose his favorite school and finish his postgraduate studies with excellent results, which will provide a higher starting point for his future doctoral school.

 University of Rochester

University of Rochester

"Extensive view and appointment, thick accumulation and thin hair", the admission of Tiandao students in 2017 is bound to be more exciting.

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