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  • ---Payment after distribution --- safe and assured--- 2021-08-19

    ---Pay after the points - safe and secure - foreign candidates: do not install any software, we give you express equipment, and install according to the tutorial; Domestic candidates: bring your certificate to our venue; Neighboring provinces

  • Bank of China personal loan for studying abroad 2016-06-16

    Original title: Bank of China personal study loan bank of China, as a professional bank of domestic and foreign exchange, has always been committed to providing customers with professional and high-quality financial services abroad and striving to build a preferred bank for people to go abroad. Bank of China

  • A comprehensive interpretation of ssvf: a new student visa policy in Australia 2016-06-12

    The Australian immigration service officially announced that it will officially implement the new student visa policy ssvf on July 1, 2016. The new policy will overturn the existing types of foreign student visa and fully implement the government's plan to double the number of Australian students in the future

  • Remember the relevant rules in Germany 2016-06-12

    There is a time limit to working in Germany. Generally speaking, the German government allows foreign students to work no more than 90 full days or 180 half days a year. No more than 60 hours per month during classes except holidays. Many students study abroad

  • How to grasp the master's degree system in Britain with only one year 2016-06-12

    Xiaobian remembers watching a variety show of "you are the only one" - job hunting. A turtle who graduated from a famous university in England talked and asked for a high salary from the judges. However, when the judges asked him to use

  • The plan of applying for studying in Canada 2016-06-12

    Suitable for: Senior 2 or above, studying in Canada, some universities provide preparatory courses for students with senior 2 or above. After successfully passing the preparatory course, you can directly enter the freshman course of our university

  • Skills you should know about American study visa! 2016-06-12

    We need to sign in person when we go to the United States, whether it's business or private. The visa officer will assume that everyone is inclined to immigrate. What we have to do is to prepare sufficient information and interview skills to prove ourselves to the visa officer. So

  • What should I pay attention to when applying for Australian student visa? 2016-06-12

    1. Two details of Australian visa application: diploma, degree certificate, transcripts of their respective notarized scanned copies. If there is no original copy / scanned copy in the notarized copy, the original should be provided separately

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