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Remember the relevant rules in Germany

Source: unknown 2016-06-12

There is a time limit to working in Germany. Generally speaking, the German government allows foreign students to work no more than 90 full days or 180 half days a year. No more than 60 hours per month during classes except holidays. Many international students will work more when there is no exam during the holidays to make up for the most basic living expenses, but this kind of life is very hard. The cost of staying in Germany is about 7000 euro a year, which of course varies from person to person. While studying in Germany, in principle, it is allowed to work, but it is not allowed to work all the year round. People holding short-term visa for language courses are not allowed to work. In terms of part-time employment, it also depends on what kind of visa you take. There is no regulation. There is a time limit for working every month.

Overseas students work in Germany during their study holidays. Although they are short-time workers, your boss should treat you like other workers and give you the same treatment. In other words, in addition to your salary, the boss has to deduct salary tax and so on. Of course, if you have a social insurance obligation, the boss will have to deduct the social insurance premium from your income and transfer it to the Finance Bureau or the medical insurance company. Generally speaking, the tax card must be handed over to the boss before the start of the employment. At the end of the employment relationship, the boss will return the tax card to you. At that time, it has been written clearly on the back of your tax card, how much of your total income during the period of working and the amount of tax deducted. There is another way, because you are working part-time, and the boss can also estimate the salary tax. In this way, the tax card does not have to be handed over to the boss, and the boss is responsible to the Finance Bureau.

You don't have to deduct your income if you study in Germany. You only work part-time jobs occasionally. You work for no more than 18 days in a row; You are not paid more than DM 120 during working hours; Your average hourly wage during working hours does not exceed DM 20.65; If the salary is paid monthly, the working hours per month shall not exceed 86 hours, and the hourly wage shall not exceed 20.65 marks within the working time limit.

There are 7 places that German students often go to for work:

1. As a dormitory management assistant. Generally, there are dormitory management assistants in the dormitories in Europe and the United States, and most of them are held by graduate students. They can get stable income, not to mention, but also get free accommodation.

2. Be a library management assistant. University Libraries in Europe and the United States provide a lot of job opportunities for students. When they work in the library, the environment is clean and the work is easy. Many students want to get this kind of work. This kind of work belongs to the category of "quick hand, slow hand".

3. Be a restaurant waiter. This kind of work can exercise their oral English, but also accept some tips, very popular with international students, especially boys.

4. Teaching language on the Internet. Many foreign students through QQ, MSN or Skyp

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