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A comprehensive interpretation of ssvf: a new student visa policy in Australia

Source: unknown 2016-06-12

The Australian immigration service officially announced that it will officially implement the new policy ssvf on July 1, 2016. The new policy will overturn the existing types of foreign student visa and fully implement the government's plan to double the number of Australian students in the future. It's up to you Study in Australia Let's get to know about it!

It is reported that after the introduction of the new policy of studying abroad and emigrating in Australia, China is the only country that has obtained the comprehensive simplification of study visa, and has directly obtained the same treatment as developed countries such as Britain, the United States and Japan. The following section will explain in detail the relevant matters of ssvf new policy.

01. Australia to implement new simplified visa framework (ssvf)

Australia will implement a new simplified visa framework (ssvf) on July 1, 2016. This major visa framework reform aims to provide a broader, simpler and fair visa framework for international students and educational institutions. Ssvf reduces the complex and mandatory requirements of the previous study visa, and truly achieves a new visa framework that is easier to operate and more targeted. The aim is to improve the efficiency of immigration and create a more level playing field for educational institutions.

The new visa simplification framework (ssvf) will replace the existing visa simplification system (SVP) and the current risk assessment hierarchy framework, and will be applicable to all international students. This reform means that the standards for student visa application will be unified and the requirements for studying in Australia will be relaxed. Under the simplified student visa framework (ssvf)

There will be only two categories of student visa, namely 500 student visa and 590 student guardian visa.

Simplify the process of visa application and student visa processing, and treat all applications equally in terms of admission, English and financial status.

Simplify a range of previously prescribed visa requirements, including registration requirements and financial status requirements.

We should abolish the existing risk rating framework and speed up visa application.

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