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Bank of China personal loan for studying abroad

Source: unknown 2016-06-16

Original title: Bank of China personal loan for studying abroad

As a professional bank of domestic and foreign exchange, Bank of China has always been committed to providing customers with professional and high-quality financial services abroad and striving to build a preferred bank for people to go abroad. BOC's personal loan for studying abroad can be used for tuition and miscellaneous expenses, transportation expenses, living expenses and deposit for studying abroad. It has the characteristics of high amount (up to 1.5 million yuan or equivalent foreign currency), long term (up to 10 years), low interest rate (the interest rate of foreign currency loan is as low as 3.6%, which is subject to the quotation of currency in business processing time), and simple procedures, In addition to RMB, it also provides us dollar, British pound, Hong Kong dollar, Australian dollar, Canadian dollar and other foreign currency loans. The unique advantage of foreign currency loan interest rate provides a powerful tool for the family assets of customers with sufficient funds. A grace period can also be set for the loan, during which only the interest is paid but not the principal, so as to reduce the pressure on repayment funds.

From now on to October 31, 2016, BOC has launched a variety of preferential activities for studying abroad loans. During this period, customers who have been approved by BOC to study abroad loans and have already made loans can enjoy the fee reduction and exemption of issuing deposit certificates, foreign currency carrying certificates and traveler's cheques. If the loan amount is more than 150000 yuan (RMB or the equivalent of foreign currency), you can also get a gift of 300 yuan. Bank of China personal study loan, your preferred product for studying abroad!

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