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Skills you should know about American study visa!

Source: unknown 2016-06-12

We need to sign in person when we go to the United States, whether it's business or private. The visa officer will assume that everyone is inclined to immigrate. What we have to do is to prepare sufficient information and interview skills to prove ourselves to the visa officer. So, apart from preparing all the information and documents and predicting the questions that the visa officer may ask, what else can we do to improve the probability of visa passing? Now with you Dongguan study abroad company Take a look at some tips you should know about your travel visa to the United States!

Visa easier in peak season

We have a habit of thinking, as long as in the off-season, in order to attract business, we will always relax some standards. However, this does not work at all for embassies and visa officers, which is often the opposite. Before the peak tourist season, there is a small peak of visa. The larger the number of visa, the better visa officer will sign in order to cope with the work. But in the off-season travel, the visa officer has enough time to "be honest" with you. There are also some experience that it is generally easier to sign in December, and near Christmas, visa officer fathers are more happy and easier to pass.

Try to make an appointment for Monday and Friday

Some netizens have done a rough statistics of the US visa pass. If you make an appointment to apply for a visa on Monday or Friday, the probability of successful passage is greater than that on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Moreover, it will be much better if you go in before 10 am.

Pay attention to your manners

You may not know that the visa office of the U.S. embassy is under the supervision of the U.S. government. You should always pay attention to your words and deeds. Your words and deeds are likely to affect the final visa results.

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