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The plan of applying for studying in Canada

Source: unknown 2016-06-12

Suitable crowd: senior two or above

Some universities in Canada offer preparatory courses for students with a second or higher degree in senior high school. After successfully passing the preparatory course, you can directly enter the freshman course of our university. And the early admission letter is a package admission directly issued by the University. The advantage of the preparatory course is that students can have a period of pre university adaptation and buffering process. Compared with the direct admission to undergraduate, the courses offered in the preparatory stage are relatively simple. Admission requirements will also be lower. Schools offer more tutorial courses. So that students can get a good adaptation and transition., Remind students that Canada and the United States is the same lenient in and strict out, it is not easy to understand the course will be able to smoothly graduate, students not only have to make a lot of efforts, but also have to have appropriate methods. The preparatory course allows students to get in touch with the basic courses, learning methods and skills in advance, so as to prepare for entering the University.

2 Canadian high school

Suitable crowd: high school students

If a student's high school performance is not particularly ideal, and his foundation is weak, and he wants to go to an excellent Canadian University, he or she is recommended to go to Canada to study in grade 12 of private international high school, which is equivalent to the third year of senior high school in China. Such advantages, on the one hand, can lay a solid foundation for high school courses, in addition, it can improve students' English ability, and also allow students to take some college preparatory courses in advance according to their own interests and hobbies, so as to prepare for entering famous universities.

After studying in Canada for 12 years, students can get the Canadian high school diploma and apply for University as a local student. It is much easier to apply than international students, and there is no need to provide the results of national college entrance examination and national college entrance examination. For many domestic high school students who have average scores, but hope to apply for first-class universities, it is a great blessing for students.

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