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How to grasp the master's degree system in Britain with only one year

Source: unknown 2016-06-12

Xiaobian remembers watching a variety show of "it's none other than you" - a job-hunting variety show. A "turtle" graduated from a well-known British university talked about it and asked the judges for a high salary. However, when the judges asked him to talk in English, he was embarrassed. His spoken English is not good enough for his wife. As a result, it can be imagined that this talented student with "turtle" and "elite talent" failed.

Indeed, the master's degree system in the UK is very short, most of which are only one year. If you don't make good use of your time in school and mix in the "China Circle", there is no doubt that you should go sightseeing. It's a short time to study for a master's degree in the UK. If you don't make good use of it, you really can't learn anything. After returning home, you may find a job just like the "elite" above. You have to run into a wall!

The time of master's degree in the UK is short. If you don't make good use of the time and learning opportunities, you can't really learn anything. In fact, it is true that the master's degree in the UK has only one year, the curriculum arrangement is relatively compact, and the students' academic tasks are also very heavy. For international students, it is not easy to successfully graduate on their own efforts.

Master's courses in the UK can be divided into teaching and research courses. Most international students apply for teaching master's degree, and research-based master's courses are generally used to pave the way for doctoral students.

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