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Why do you choose to study in Holland?

Source: unknown 2016-06-15

There are many advantages of Dutch education, such as good English teaching environment, many famous schools, strong faculty, and the cost of studying abroad is much lower than that of some traditional countries. When it comes to going abroad for undergraduate education, many students and parents will stop because of the cost. I think that it is impossible for ordinary families to spend hundreds of thousands of RMB to study for undergraduate education abroad. However, the annual cost of RMB 100000 in Holland makes it a good choice to study in Holland.

So here comes the question...!

Do you need to learn a small language to study in Holland?

Higher education in the Netherlands is of high quality and has an internationally renowned learning environment. With more than 2100 international programs and courses, it offers the largest English taught program in continental Europe. Students have the opportunity to make full choices, and the English penetration rate is more than 90%, so that they can study and live in the Netherlands without language barriers, and have the opportunity to participate in the learning of small languages, which will increase the chips for future development.

What school can you choose to study in Holland?

The universities in the Netherlands are divided into research universities and applied technology universities which provide higher professional education. In a comprehensive research university, the undergraduate curriculum will make students pay more attention to research work. In the University of Applied Sciences, students can choose a professional project or art, or a certain discipline, and prepare for a specific career. Among them, there are 13 comprehensive universities, 11 of which rank among the top 200 in the world. There are 56 applied technology universities, providing a wide range of specialties.

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