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Classification of studying in Dutch Universities: comparison of class H and class u

Source: unknown 2016-06-15

The Dutch study abroad market opened late, but in a few years quickly rose to the ranks of popular countries to study abroad. According to the Dutch immigration bureau, there were about 6000 Dutch Chinese students from 2008 to 2009, and it is expected that the number will exceed 8000 in 2010. Here, experts give you a comprehensive interpretation of the hot issues of studying in the Netherlands
  The three educational strategies are different
"Universities in the Netherlands are divided into research universities (class U) and applied technology universities (Class H)," said the expert The u-class university has three years of undergraduate, but most of them are taught in Dutch, while the class H University has four years of undergraduate course, mostly in English; the master's program of u-class University and H-type university is the same, with one year of liberal arts and two-year of science and engineering. Students with different degrees need to prepare different application materials when applying for studying in Holland. "
   senior high school student:
   H College entrance examination results are not required for class universities
Senior high school graduates, junior college graduates and undergraduate students can apply to colleges and universities in Holland. Senior high school graduates can apply for H-class universities and u-class universities. To apply for H-class universities, students need only IELTS 6.0 to enter the major directly. 5.5 points need to go to half a year's preparatory course, and 5.0 points to go to one year's preparatory course. Most H-class universities have interviews, Some schools have written tests. But it is more difficult to apply for the undergraduate course of u-class University. The general university requires IELTS 6.5, which requires the college entrance examination results (above the second line of this course). Some u-class universities also require that they must study in domestic universities (undergraduate) for one year before applying.
   Junior college students:
   U Class does not recognize college degree
College graduates can go to H-type university to study the specialized transfer course, which is generally 1.5 to 2 years. IELTS requires 6.0. If only 5.5 is passed, they will go to the preparatory course for half a year, and 5.0 will go to the preparatory course for one year. U-class universities do not recognize Chinese Junior College. If college students want to apply for u-class University, they should refer to the requirements of senior high school students for u-class.
  Master students:
Study in Holland
Experts frankly say: "for masters, studying in Holland is the most popular choice." this is mainly because almost all courses of Dutch H-class universities are taught in English, even local students in Holland also teach in English. Whether applying for u-class or H-class universities, students need 6.5 IELTS (some liberal arts majors require 7 points), and for students who want to apply for u-class universities, they need 6.5 IELTS (7 points for some liberal arts majors), The average score of students graduating from 211 key universities in China is about 80, and that of non-211 key universities is better than 85. There are many schools that require GMAT for business majors (generally more than 600 points). There are also preparatory courses for u-class universities. However, there are essential differences between this kind of preparatory courses and those of H-type universities. The preparatory courses of U-type universities are academic in nature, Entrance threshold and professional threshold are the same requirements IELTS 6.5 points, the purpose of learning this kind of preparatory course is to cram some professional knowledge without language courses.
  Dutch business is most famous
Experts said: "The most famous major in the Netherlands is" business ", and its professional status in the field of international business and management is unparalleled. For example, Amsterdam business school's major in international business management, international finance, accounting, economics, management and other majors of the University of the Hague enjoy a high international reputation. The MBA program of Rotterdam School of management ranks among the top 10 in the world. Every year, the world has its own MBA programs University graduates and business managers from all over the country go to study MBA courses. "In addition, law, architecture, art and other specialties are also the famous specialties in Holland, and these majors are also the major applied by domestic students.
Among the H-class universities, Rotterdam Business School, the University of the Hague, Groningen higher professional university, fonty Normal University, Groningen University, Tilburg University, Delft Polytechnic University, Eindhoven Polytechnic University, and the University of Twente.
Among them, the international business management of Groningen higher professional university ranks the top three among the H-class universities in the Netherlands. Delft Polytechnic University is one of the top seven Polytechnics in the world, ranking third after MIT and the Federal Institute of technology in Zurich.

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