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On the misunderstanding of studying in Holland

Source: unknown 2016-06-17

The Netherlands is a country of freedom and freedom. As a new country of studying abroad, it is more and more popular. However, due to the lack of information about studying in the Netherlands, and most of the information is mixed with personal misunderstandings, many students have a bias towards studying in the Netherlands. Below are some mistakes about studying in the Netherlands listed by Australian experts and corrected one by one, I hope all of you can have a correct understanding of studying in Holland.

   Myth 1: the H-class University in the Netherlands is a junior college

Hogeschool in the Netherlands, translated as the University of Applied Science and technology, really makes people feel that it is a kind of junior college or technical school in China. In fact, it is not. First, from the perspective of academic qualifications and degree certification, the u-class and H-class universities in the Netherlands issue formal undergraduate degrees, and there is no difference in the degree level. At the same time, most of the H-class university degrees in the Netherlands have been certified by the Ministry of education of China, and more than 30 H-class universities admitted to China are on the list of Dutch universities recognized by the Ministry of education. Secondly, from the perspective of knowledge, the teaching materials used by u and H universities are basically the same. To give a simple example, class u and class H learn the same formula. U University focuses on the derivation and deformation of this formula, while class H does not teach the formula itself, but emphasizes the application of formula. Finally, in terms of employment, there is no obvious gap between the employment flow of graduates from H-class universities and that of u-universities. Moreover, the knowledge learned by H-type universities is more practical. In some fields, graduates of H-type universities are more popular than those of u-universities. Therefore, in the same sentence, class u and class H are by no means the difference between undergraduate and junior college in China, but only the difference in training mode. The choice of school for studying in Holland still depends on its own specific conditions. The difference between Class H and u universities in the Netherlands.

   Myth 2: The Netherlands is flooded with drugs and social security is not good.

This is also due to a lack of understanding of the Netherlands. To be sure, marijuana (only marijuana) is legal in the Netherlands, but it doesn't mean that marijuana can be seen everywhere and touched at will. Dutch law strictly limits the distribution and smoking places of marijuana. Only a few authorized coffee shops can buy marijuana, and they need to register their passport when purchasing. The Dutch police have the same power to search and impose coercive measures on individuals who hold more marijuana than required by law. And smoking marijuana is also restricted to certain fixed places, not as many people imagine that the streets are full of addicts. On the whole, the public security environment in Holland is the top in Europe and even in the world. There is no news of foreign students being robbed, and there is no tragedy of foreign students being shot. Even if you walk on the streets of Amsterdam at night, you can rest assured and walk in the court.

   Myth 3: Dutch needs to learn Dutch

This misunderstanding stems from the ignorance of Holland. Although Dutch is the official language of the Netherlands, as a highly international and inclusive country, the penetration rate of English in the Netherlands has reached 95%. Not only do most of the courses in Dutch universities offer English majors, but even in daily life, it will not have much impact if you don't speak Dutch, because even beggars can speak English in Dutch society, Not to mention the waiters in shops and public places. So maybe you can't travel all over France, Germany, Italy in English, but you can definitely travel all over Holland in English.

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