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Answers to some frequently asked questions about studying abroad in Dutch middle schools

Source: unknown 2016-06-15

High school students account for the largest proportion of students applying for studying in the Netherlands every year. When is the most appropriate time to start applying? What to do without IELTS? For the problems and confusion existing in the application of senior high school students, the experts from Holland Department of study abroad 360 will analyze and solve the puzzles for you, so as to help high school students deal with studying abroad smoothly.

   senior high school student: What conditions can students go abroad to study for undergraduate? What can I apply for studying abroad when I graduate in July this year?

   Dutch Education Union: First of all, students should know that all students applying for Dutch undergraduate courses must provide a high school diploma. All senior three students can apply for admission before they get their graduation certificate. In this way, it is the most appropriate time to enroll in autumn in the same year of graduation (graduation in July) and (studying abroad in September). Otherwise, it is unnecessary to wait for the beginning of the next year in vain.

   senior high school student: When I apply for the first year of undergraduate in Holland, where should I start to prepare?

  Dutch Education Union: The Dutch application process is as follows: consultation → preparation of materials → application → admission → visa application.

   senior high school student: What if I don't have IELTS? I have no time to study IELTS when I am preparing for the college entrance examination!

   Dutch Education Union: With our long-term cooperation with universities in the Netherlands, schools can accept students who do not have IELTS to apply for admission first. After the Dutch school has reviewed the application materials, if the educational background meets the admission requirements, the school will send a "conditional admission notice" to the students in advance. The condition is: provide IELTS when applying for a visa (and the graduating students should provide high school diploma). So now they haven't taken IELTS test or this year's senior three students don't have to worry about it. They can get the admission qualification of foreign schools first and grab the limited admission quota in advance.

  senior high school student: Now that I have a basic understanding of when and how to go abroad, what should I do next? I am busy preparing for the college entrance examination now. Can I apply after the college entrance examination?

   Dutch Education Union: Please apply as soon as possible! Because the application process takes 6-8 months, if you start to apply after the college entrance examination, it is too late. The reason is: most of the senior high schools in China begin to take winter vacation after the final examination, and they will not start school again until March next year. Therefore, if the students have not applied in March, the application is basically late, and there are few places left. So don't wait for the college entrance examination to apply, and be sure to remember to do all the application materials before your school winter vacation.

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