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How much does it cost to study abroad for one year?

Source: unknown 2016-06-15

There is no uniform standard for tuition fees and registration fees in Dutch universities. Within the range of fees stipulated by the Ministry of education in the Netherlands, schools can set the fees according to their own conditions.

     The tuition fee for the whole course of master's degree is generally between 8000 euro / year and 15000 euro / year. Due to the wide range of specialties offered in the master's degree courses and the different educational arrangements, there are great differences in tuition fees.

     living expenses:

     The standard is set by referring to the average living standard of European students. Generally, Chinese students will have savings. The monthly living expenses (food, housing, transportation, etc.) of Chinese students in the Netherlands is about 500 euro.

     According to the Dutch immigration agency, students must have a deposit of more than 7500 euros in their personal bank account when applying for and renewing a short-term residence permit. This standard is approved and published by the Dutch immigration bureau every year.

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