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Canadian Catholic education agency international education program

Source: unknown 2016-06-15

Project introduction:


Canadian Catholic education agency international education program



Introduction of Education Bureau:


The Toronto Catholic Public Education Bureau (tcdsb) is one of the members of the international education bureau union of Ontario, Canada. Together with Toronto Education Bureau, York Catholic Education Bureau and Waterloo Education Bureau, tcdsb is the second largest Education Bureau in Canada. Because of their educational background, Catholic schools have strict school management and good school atmosphere, so their students' quality and teaching quality are better than ordinary public schools. Tcdsb will be a good choice for foreign students who want to concentrate on their studies and have a good learning environment.



There is no official ranking of secondary schools in Canada. According to the survey by the Fraser Institute, many high schools affiliated to tcdsb are among the best in the Greater Toronto area in terms of provincial test scores and comprehensive teaching quality.



Tcdsb has 201 schools, 167 primary and junior high schools, and 33 senior high schools, all of which enroll international students. The total number of students exceeds 93000. It is equipped with modern teaching facilities and has excellent learning conditions; The secondary schools of the Education Bureau have their own characteristics. For example, Carter art middle school is one of the best art schools in Canada. It provides courses and certificates in dance, drama, music and visual arts. Most of its graduates enter the world's top art colleges for further study; In addition to k-g12 in Ontario, the school also offers a complete set of ESL, AP, IB courses, and provides a variety of extracurricular activities, so that students can participate in the rich and colorful social, cultural, sports and other activities in their communities. 60-70% of the graduates are enrolled in famous schools in Canada or North America.




Company profile:


Guangzhou Jinjia Education Investment Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive consulting service company providing comprehensive and professional education information consultation and cultural activities organization and planning. Advantages: Canada's "Ontario study abroad", the application covers the education from primary school to senior high school of the Catholic Church of Ontario Education Bureau of Canada, and the selected schools are ranked in the top 100 of Canadian secondary schools. From the beginning of college selection, application, guidance and guidance to participate in all kinds of examinations to later visa, airport pick-up and so on, we provide a full range of services. After we have a detailed understanding of the students' personal background, learning needs and other goals, we all tailor-made for each student, so that everyone can enter the ideal college smoothly and realize the value of life.
     Studying abroad is related to every student's life plan. It's a conscientious profession. Jinjia education pursues the idea of V.I.P. service for every customer. We always adhere to the idea of doing things with heart and treating others sincerely to help students get out of a more wonderful life.

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