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Parents' notes on studying in Australia

Source: unknown 2016-06-15

This summer vacation, my children and others two Chinese children went to primary school together in Australia and had a good time one Semester, From the children to share some experience, for your parents reference!

Group photo of students


Different from Chinese primary schools, Australian primary schools have two individual semester , each Semester and yes Two paragraphs Is equivalent to a total of four A semester. This year is just the first three Semester from seven month thirteen The day is coming nine month eighteen It's summer vacation for primary schools in China. According to Australian law, a tourist visa can be read three Schools within months are not required to apply for a student visa. So the kids and the kids went to Brisbane( Brisbane )Reading one Grade.




Apply with the school before you leave. Such short-term international student applications are handled by the Education Bureau. In the process, I have to fill in a lot of application forms, including my information, address and parents / Guardians, health status, etc. cost Equivalent to RMB It's almost a year's cost of domestic bubble English.




My children's school is Brisbane Newmarket State School one thousand nine hundred and four The school was founded in, and now it has exceeded one hundred and ten Years. From preschool( Prep )To six Grade, school currently has two hundred Multiple students. It is said that in the last century fifty During the "s" baby boom, there were the most six hundred Many students have been at this level recently.



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