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Report on parent-child study tours in Taiwan in 2016

Source: unknown 2016-06-15

Taiwan, the legendary treasure island, is rich in humanity and natural ecology ,   We brought them from Chengdu, Hunan and Shenzhen ... Family ,   With a happy mood began the first day of the parent-child study tour, although we all flew from different places ,   Different arrival times .. The same is the love for children, whether it is to visit the airport runway to watch the aircraft take off and land ,   Or to the founder of pearl milk tea original restaurant to eat, taste the most authentic small cage bag ... Although the journey is very tiring ,   But the mood is hot tomorrow ,   We are about to officially start the "mobile classroom" parent-child course!

- playing with affection and ability -

Taipei, a city full of temperature! Today, let's explore how the hot springs in Beitou came into being? What is the ecological engineering method of green building? How do parents know more about their children? How do children have stronger attachment to their parents? How to cultivate children's self-confidence, teamwork and responsibility? It's hard to believe that in just one day, I can learn so much from the game, speak English with foreigners, and invite Taiwanese children to participate in the program. All these experiences are the greatest wealth for future children! No wonder parents share: Fortunately, they decided to overcome all difficulties! It's worth it! Tomorrow, more surprises are waiting for us!

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