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Famous university EMBA Taiwan benchmarking enterprises visit and study tour

Source: unknown 2016-06-15


Thank you for your love and support. July is a non-stop month. In addition to the "see the beauty of Taiwan - parent-child study tour" which just concluded this week, the cooperative organizations in July also include the Taiwan leisure agriculture investigation group of Beijing famous business schools, the MBA study tour in Taiwan of Zhejiang famous universities,   Well known universities in Hunan MBA study tour in Taiwan,   The employment guidance center of Beijing's well-known colleges and universities visited Taiwan for investigation. Although the itinerary is very busy, but the heart is very down-to-earth. Because over the past five years, our persistence and efforts in the study tour project in Taiwan have been affirmed and recommended by cooperative units all over the country, and have gained very good reputation and echo. We will uphold the spirit of "no best, only better", To provide you with better quality and service of "study tour to Taiwan" and continue to move towards the goal of "the first brand of China's research project to Taiwan"!

         The following is the report of 2015 Hunan famous university EMBA study tour in Taiwan and related activities silhouette, especially to share with you. I hope that in the second half of the year, we also have the opportunity to work together to create a win-win situation!

                  Well known universities in Hunan E MBA Report on study tour in Taiwan

The EMBA education center of Hunan's well-known universities officially set off on May 1, 2015, a six day and five night study tour of Taiwan's benchmark enterprises.

five month   one   On the morning of May   set out , To Taiwan

In the morning, the students gathered in Shenzhen and arrived at Hong Kong airport at noon. They flew to Taiwan for a study tour.

five month   one   Afternoon   welcome dinner

After arriving at Taoyuan airport safely at 5:00 p.m., the students took the sightseeing bus to the direct drive exchange dinner. When they arrived at the venue, they were warmly welcomed by the Taiwan EMBA students. Through the mutual introduction of the various tables and the small activities carefully arranged by the Taiwan organizers, the EMBA students on both sides of the Taiwan Strait went from strangers to hot contacts, Not only frequent and warm interaction, but also a series of in-depth communication and exchange on a series of related topics. The atmosphere of the scene once reached the highest point. We not only got to know Taiwan's outstanding entrepreneurs in various fields, but also had business opportunities for further cooperation. At the same time, we also established cross-strait friendship. I believe that there will be more opportunities for cooperation and exchange in the future.

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