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"Traveling" and "learning" are mutually beneficial, conforming to the new trend of learning

Source: unknown 2016-06-15

In recent years, studying abroad has become a more popular way of learning, and a variety of data show that the number of students studying abroad in our country is increasing. At the same time, a new learning method, study tour, emerges as the times require. During the holidays, students pack their bags and go abroad to start a new way of study and life. It is not only a trip abroad, but also a kind of travel experience activities to learn knowledge, feel life and understand local conditions and customs.  

With the arrival of summer vacation, the study tour fever in Wuhu is gradually warming up. Last year, Aston International Education Service Co., Ltd. organized a two-week study tour in the UK. The reporter also contacted Wang Hongyi and his teachers, who participated in the study tour in the UK, and walked into the unforgettable "study tour" life with them.

Experience itself is a possibility  

Wang Hongyi is a second year student of Wuhu Huihui middle school. Last year, near the summer vacation, when he learned from the head teacher that he was going to the UK to participate in the "study tour" summer camp, Wang Hongyi quickly signed up, along with Chen Fei, the leading teacher of Huihui middle school, and 11 other students.  


"My biggest feeling when I came to England is that the people here are very leisurely, everything is so orderly, and everyone is civilized and polite," Wang said. Before I went to England, in Wang Hongyi's eyes, everything in Britain was just in the book printed with color pictures and words. It was just a country that everyone talked about in general. Everything was simply perceptual knowledge. Even if it's a tutorial before leaving, what you've learned is just the tip of the iceberg. In the UK for half a month, Wang Hongyi followed his teachers and classmates to Cambridge, Oxford and London. Wherever he went, the supermarket, the shopping mall and the subway were all lined up in a neat line. The streets and streets were so orderly. Even the vehicles in the process of driving were humble to each other, which would never affect public order.  

"Here, life is life and work is work, whether adults or children. Every day when we come home from school, there are many activities in the evening. The landlord will take us to participate in various activities. He will take us to the coffee shop to listen to music, go to the bar, go to the supermarket, and take a walk on the grass field. We are really integrated into the original British life."  

"If I have the opportunity, I still hope to have more of this experience, because only by personally experiencing it can you have a voice and look at foreign things with a dialectical perspective, which is of great guiding significance to my own and even future growth. Experiencing personally is a possibility; perception is a kind of progress in itself," Wang Hongyi said.

Growth itself is an experience

"14 days, it is unrealistic to say that the child has made great changes. However, after he came back from the study tour, he did make some changes in some details. Before that, he was very noisy in public, but after this study tour, he never made any noise. Even at home, when I spoke with his father in a loud voice, he would remind us to whisper softly." Wang Hongyi's mother said.  

Since childhood, Wang Hongyi's mother has often taken her children to travel around the country. On the issue of children's education, Wang Hongyi's mother believes that children's education should not only focus on achievements, but also emphasize practice. Now many children are only children, so studying abroad can not only train their learning ability, but also exercise their ability of life and communication.  

"If we simply ask children not to play with mobile phones and read more books, the effect may not be very obvious. But after this tour, he will consciously read and study, because in Britain, whether by subway or by train, people there always hold a book or a newspaper, rather than mobile phones or other entertainment only electronic products, because he is personally In that kind of atmosphere, I naturally get involved in it. After all, teaching by example is not as good as speaking. "Wang Hongyi's mother said.  

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