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The so-called study tour, of course, must be worth traveling, in order to learn

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University of Cambridge

Cambridge and Oxford, the two university cities, are located near London, England and can be reached by train.  

It is said that it is a university, but it is actually a small town. The colleges of Cambridge University are scattered all over the city. The famous college here has Trinity College where poet Byron studied. The flourishing apple tree in the college is said to be the apple tree that inspired Newton to discover gravity. There's a king's College for writer E. M. foster, so you can see why he set the story of Morris in Cambridge - it's so beautiful, it's so suitable to fall in love! There are St. John's college with sigh bridge, Queen's college with mathematics bridge... It's no exaggeration to say that each college is a scenic spot.  

Xu Zhimo said, "in the gentle waves of Kanghe River, I am willing to be a water plant.". The winding Kanghe river is really graceful, its beauty and the majestic Thames are totally different temperament. People with good English can choose to punt on the Kanghe river. Those who are good at English can pole and explain Cambridge's beautiful men and women!  

Besides the University, there are many churches in Cambridge. The tomb of Hong Kong artist Weng Meiling is in the Catholic Cemetery outside Cambridge.  

A small town in Cambridge University

Let's have a meal in the canteen of Chiang Mai University in Thailand  

The campus of Chiang Mai University is located at the foot of Sutie mountain in the west of the ancient city of Chiang Mai. In the university post office, you can buy stamps and postcards and send them back to China. You can also eat in the canteen, which is cheap and delicious. There is a lake called ang Kaew on campus. It is said that two people who love each other throw the ring into the lake together, and they will love each other forever... I don't know if anyone really does.  

Manning road outside the university is also worth visiting. There is the famous mango shop Mango Tango, which is always in line. There is also the legend of the coffee industry, ristr8to Latte Art Cafe. Coffee lovers from all over the world will come to pay homage to this shop, because the florist of the shop has won prizes in the world coffee competition. In addition, there are many small shops that are worth visiting. Some people recommend cafe in nakara Jardin Hotel. The garden and courtyard near the river, the environment is quiet, and the desserts are also very good.

Korean Autumn Fairy Tales  

South Korea is in Seoul's Chung Road District, which is a university town nearby. It's worth visiting. For example, the famous mural village and many small theaters can catch up with the market if you are lucky.  

It has a long history. The word "Chengjun" originates from Zhou Li, which means that "the adult talents are not available, and the customs are not uniform". The Guozijian, which was established in 992, was later reorganized into Chengjun hall. Now there is an old Chengjun hall building nearby, which is a place for many Korean children to go for autumn outing. There is a ginkgo tree with a long history in the courtyard. In autumn, the golden and brilliant ginkgo leaves are covered with branches, or fall on the ground, which is very beautiful. And the school emblem is a ginkgo leaf.

The university is built on the mountain, so the scenery is very beautiful. You can often see the grandparents go to the mountain to play. Moreover, along the mountain side to enjoy the scenery while walking, that end is South Korea's famous scenic spot sanqingdong. It is the most artistic street in South Korea. There are many unique coffee shops and clothing shops, which are worth visiting. Next to Sanqing cave is another scenic spot in Seoul: Hanwu village, Beicun village.

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