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There are many chaos in overseas study tours: all you can do is to take pictures in famous schools

Source: unknown 2016-06-15

My study is on the way "," realizing my dream in a famous American School "," learning English in a pure English (Curriculum) country "," feeling the blending of eastern and Western cultures "... Before the winter vacation, the" overseas study tour "of students has been launched with fierce fire propaganda. Reporter investigation found that some tour routes have been full, the market is hot.  

However, with the warming up of "overseas study tour" in Henan during the winter vacation, many problems began to appear, such as "overseas study tour, only travel without learning" and "study tour changing into shopping tour". Parents are willing to spend a lot of money to send their children to study abroad. What are they "traveling" and "learning"? What should be paid attention to when choosing overseas study tour routes?

Survey: the most popular tour routes in Europe and America started with 30000 yuan  

"I've always received short messages from some training institutions and travel agencies recently, all of which recommend the overseas study tour routes for primary and secondary school students in winter vacation." yesterday, Mr. Liu, the parent of Zhengzhou, said that looking at the names of famous foreign schools and scenic spots in the route, he couldn't help feeling a little excited.  


Coincidentally, recently, Zhengzhou parents Ms. Feng asked in the QQ group of children's class parents: "who signed up for the international study tour winter camp?" quickly received responses from four or five parents. Ms. Feng's daughter, 10, is in the fourth grade of a primary school in Zhengdong New District. "These days, my children go home and mumble to me that they want to sign up for the international study tour winter camp during the winter vacation, and that several children in the class have already signed up." Ms. Feng said that when she inquired about it, it was very popular to take her children to study abroad on vacation.  

"Primary and secondary school students are the main group of overseas study tours during the holidays, and they have gradually shown a trend of younger age in the past two years." according to a staff member of a travel agency in Zhengzhou, today's students' holidays are no longer simply doing homework, attending cram schools or interest classes, but starting to embark on overseas study tours with the support of parents' heavy money.  

According to the survey, the current overseas study tour programs on the market have launched different routes for primary and secondary school students of all ages. The study tour takes about two weeks and starts in the middle of February. Among them, European and American lines are the most popular, with the cost of 30000 yuan per person, and the most expensive line is nearly 50000 yuan.  

In a language training institution on Dongfeng Road in Zhengzhou, the staff said that during the winter vacation, there were more European and American routes, such as the United States and Italy. Each group receives about 10 people, and the tour time is about 15 days, and the cost is 30000-40000 yuan per person. The staff of an educational institution on jingsan road in Zhengzhou also said that they are mainly promoting American routes. A 15 day trip to California costs 30800 yuan per person. Each group receives about 8-10 people. They will leave on February 10. The receptionist of a travel agency on Zijingshan road in Zhengzhou said: "you can sign up for Australia now. You can start in mid February. Each group is about a dozen students. The cost per person is 12 days / 32000 yuan."  

In contrast, the Asian and African tour routes launched by each company are a little bit cold, and the price is relatively cheaper, but the cost per person is also more than 10000 yuan.

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