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Where to go in winter vacation? Classic travel routes recommended by all countries

Source: unknown 2016-06-15

For Chinese people, study tour is also known as the walking classroom. In the past two years, this "new word" has been mentioned frequently, and the attention has been increasing! "In 2008, there were only a few hundred applicants nationwide, and by 2010 it had increased to 3000, and in 2013 it had reached nearly 20000." according to the introduction, the population of study tours is becoming younger and younger, with primary and junior high school students accounting for a lot.

Different from ordinary overseas travel, study tour in the sense of modern education is an international cross-cultural experiential education mode which came into being with the trend of world peace and the development of globalization in the 20th century. During the study tour period (generally 1-4 weeks), students go abroad to study language courses, visit local famous schools, stay in local schools or host families Visiting the major cities and famous scenic spots in foreign countries, the combination of learning and tourism is really achieved.

According to industry insiders, domestic study tours started late, coupled with the lack of special laws and regulations, the quality of the study tour market is also uneven. Therefore, when parents choose a study tour for their children, they must select a regular travel organization and choose a suitable travel route for their children. This article recommends some highly praised classic study tour routes for parents and friends to refer to——

1. Integrating into the top ten world famous schools in the United States  

Experience the original American style life in Los Angeles, the city of angels. Visit the East and west coasts of the United States, visit Disney theme park, Universal Studios Hollywood, New York Wall Street, Fifth Avenue, etc., and fully experience the cultural charm of American cities; Visit ten world famous universities: Harvard University + Yale University + Columbia University + Princeton University + University of Pennsylvania + Massachusetts Institute of technology + New York University + Stanford University + University of California Berkeley + Georgetown University to plant the ideal seeds for the future.

Note: the weather in Los Angeles is almost the same all the year round. Generally, the temperature is between 12-25 degrees. It is cold at night and hot in the day. It is recommended to take an outdoor windbreaker as a coat. It is recommended that this KingCamp outdoor windbreaker be cut in three dimensions to improve the sports comfort

2. Experience the profound British academic atmosphere  

London Greenwich University campsite, Oxford University, Cambridge University famous schools in-depth experience, Queen's palace Windsor Castle, Edinburgh Castle, Shakespeare's former residence Stratford, the world's most beautiful Lake District, Manchester, York, King Harry Potter railway station, the most comprehensive British tour, a look at British classics.

Note: I came to England in January and February. It's winter in England. It's necessary to take enough warm clothes. I recommend this KingCamp down two-piece set. The coat is waterproof and the inner is down jacket. The style is very simple and low-key, which is suitable for wearing in rainy and cold England!

3. A trip to Australia's famous schools  

Visit Australia's five-star school, study in the University of Queensland, comprehensively improve academic skills, interact with students in Kunming University, travel to Brisbane, the city of sunshine with new friends: travel to Australia's classic city, explore the natural mystery of Cairns Great Barrier Reef, experience the modern fashion of Gold Coast and Sydney's international bearing.

Note: Australia is in the midsummer season of southern hemisphere in January. The temperature is usually more than 20 degrees in the daytime, but it is only more than 10 degrees in the evening. The temperature difference between day and night is large, so you can take a half sleeve and a big coat!

4. Experience European characteristic architecture  

Take a stroll in Prague, the city of thousands of towers, to Munich, the city of motion, to the fairy tale castle of new Swan Castle, to Strasbourg, known as "little France", and to visit the largest and most popular paradise in Europe; On the island of San Marco in Venice, visit St. Mark's Square, St. Mark's Cathedral, the viceroy of Venice, Florence, the birthplace of European Renaissance, Rome, known as the open-air museum, to visit the Vatican, the world's smallest religious City, St. Peter's Cathedral, the center of the world's Catholicism.

Note: when going to Europe, pay attention to check-in luggage should not exceed 20kg, and carry on luggage should not exceed 22in * 14In * 4in. In order to facilitate the carrying of goods, it is recommended to bring this KingCamp business leisure backpack. Multiple compartments can hold multiple fragmentary items, and computer warehouse can safely store laptops!

5. Visiting eight famous schools in Canada  

Canada has not only gorgeous natural beauty and charming urban scenery, but also the most perfect education system and high-quality education standard in the world. You can visit eight famous Canadian Universities: University of Waterloo, University of Toronto, Queen's University, Royal Military Academy, University of Ottawa, McGill University, University of British Columbia (UBC), University of Victoria, Among them, in UBC, University of Toronto and University of Waterloo, face-to-face exchanges with university representatives or international students to understand first-hand school information such as discipline setting and enrollment requirements; Take a look at the eight famous cities on Canada's East and west coasts: visit Toronto, the capital of diversified fashion; Waterloo, the city of learning; Kingston, the capital of the people's Republic of China; Ottawa with low profile and atmosphere; Montreal, known as "little Paris"; Vancouver with pleasant climate and close to mountains and sea; Whistler, a North American ski resort; Victoria, with the charm of the Dynasty and garden city, fully appreciate the natural and cultural beauty of Canada!

Note: the winter scenery in January and February in Canada is very charming. You can enjoy the beauty of winter sports here. Of course, you should bring enough warm clothes!

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