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White collar workplace "interval" study tour "find oneself"

Source: unknown 2016-06-15

This issue: Yuhe, from ordinary white-collar workers in foreign enterprises, has gradually risen to a middle-level management position. Every day, besides working, he still works. At the age of 30, her life and career came to a bottleneck. "Can life have a different way?" she kept asking herself. Therefore, she chose to give herself an alternate year to study in Canada and experience a different life.  

Travel experience: you don't have to worry about what you really learn. Experiencing different experiences is a kind of harvest in itself.  

More and more white-collar workers have joined various short-term study tours to broaden their horizons and give them an opportunity to adjust. During his four month study tour in Canada, Yuhe found another way home for his heart rather than improving his spoken English.


Old landlord meets sister Taos, life is wonderful  

"It is said that Canada is suitable for providing for the aged, but when the boarding parents showed up at the airport, my little partner and I were shocked!" Yuhe said. Originally, he thought that the "parent" of the host family was a middle-aged person, but unexpectedly, she was an old woman in her 70s who lived alone.  

All the way home with the landlord's old lady, the old lady drove quickly. After returning home, she cooked herself and prepared a table of exquisite candlelight dinner. "Yuhe" looked at the old lady with a new look. "In the next few days, I became familiar with the old lady, and I admired her very much." "Yuhe" said that every Wednesday, the landlord's old lady would ask several sisters to play cards together and be as happy as a little girl; On Saturday, she will make a traditional English afternoon tea and taste it slowly; Every night, she would drink a little wine and hum a little song... "Later, I learned that the old lady was not happy as she imagined. Her eldest son had passed away, her eldest daughter was separated from each other, her second son wandered around, and her younger daughter didn't come back and forth frequently..." "Yuhe" said that the landlady's attitude towards life seemed to inject a strong positive energy into her "Even if life is not easy, you can still live such a wonderful life!"

Close to nature and live in peace with all things  

Living in a big city seems far away from nature, but Canada is deeply moved by the respect and protection of wildlife.  

Once, Yuhe saw a group of ducks waddling into a hotel and stopped in the elevator room. People pushed the elevators for them in a friendly way. They thought that the ducks raised by the hotel owner would go home by themselves. "In fact, this is a group of wild ducks. There is a pool on the roof of the hotel. They just go to play!"  

The language school she attended was in Victoria, Vancouver. When she was free, she would go to the nearby fisherman's Wharf to see lazy seals and sea lions. "People eat lunch at the wharf while feeding the tame sea lions. People and nature are so harmonious." "Yuhe" said that the sea area near Victoria Harbor is inhabited by seals, sea lions, dolphins, seabirds and nearly 100 killer whales. From May to October every year, the probability of seeing whales is very high. "Because of people's protection of wild animals, so many wild animals can live freely here."

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