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The supervision subject of overseas study tour should be clear

Source: unknown 2016-06-15

"Reading thousands of books and traveling thousands of miles" is a well-known ancient education motto. Compared with "reading thousands of books", many parents are more willing to let their children "travel thousands of miles", and "overseas study tour" is becoming more and more popular. A group of reports by Xinhua News Agency a few days ago revealed the chaos behind the "overseas study tour fever".


In some countries, study tours have been brought into the track of Standardization: some departments and associations are responsible for the industry management, or the corresponding codes are issued to guide, check and publicize the employed enterprises, and formulate unified standardized contract texts to standardize them. On the contrary, the study tour industry in China is still in the gray area of "three regardless". In April 2012, the Ministry of education and the Ministry of foreign affairs jointly issued a relevant notice, stressing that primary and secondary schools, foreign education exchange agencies affiliated to the administrative departments of education, or the Communist Youth League, the young pioneers and women's federations and other organizations should not hold overseas winter and summer camps for profit-making purposes. However, it is not clear which department will supervise the study tour. What's more, red headed documents are not legally binding, and Chinese students' overseas study tours have always been in a state of no supervision and regulation.  

On the one hand, there is a lack of supervision; on the other hand, there is a upsurge of overseas study tours. According to the data, international study tours have gradually risen and developed since 2005, with an annual market growth rate of 40% - 50%. According to US media reports, 150000 Chinese students will arrive in Los Angeles this summer. From these data, we can easily feel the "heat" of overseas study tours.  

As a matter of fact, public opinion has given some cold thoughts on the safety and necessity of overseas study tours. Some people follow suit blindly and see the children of other families go abroad to study. No matter whether their children need it or not, as long as the economic conditions allow, they are not willing to leave the "lesson". I'm afraid that few parents will consider whether they can achieve the goal of "learning" by leaving their children's age and personality characteristics too early; Do children really want to travel abroad? What is the purpose, when and what is the purpose?  

The existence of parents' blind obedience shows that it is necessary and urgent to make clear the main body of supervision of study tour industry. As some experts have said, education, tourism and other departments should, according to China's national conditions and learn from the experience of the United States, Europe, Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan, promulgate laws and regulations as soon as possible, formulate scientific access threshold, qualification specifications, contract text and punishment system, bring the study tour activities into the track of standardization and legalization, clarify the supervision subjects, and implement the safety accountability mechanism.  

In addition, most of the consumers who participate in the study tour are minors without full civil capacity. From this perspective, the regulation of overseas study tour supervision also reflects the strength of the protection of minors. No matter what the reason and the psychology, the upsurge of overseas study tour in China is in line with the international standard. How can the supervision of government departments be derailed?

Our point of view: parents' attention to children's education and the improvement of family economic level have accelerated the study tour craze. In front of all kinds of study tour projects, parents and students are often blind, and those with good family conditions generally have the psychology of keeping up with each other. I hope the children will not be inferior to others. Experts suggest: under the premise that there is no clear regulation, parents should pay attention to the "dual qualification" of entry-exit travel and education and training, and make rational choice. The main body of supervision should also be made clear as soon as possible, and the supervision should be strengthened to make the study tour truly authentic and the parents spend less money wrongly.

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