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University of Tasmania graduate tuition

Source: unknown 2016-06-16

 University of Tasmania graduate tuition

   Australia University of Tasmania yes Australia One of the four oldest and most internationally renowned universities, founded in the 19th century. It is one of the top ten universities with the most research achievements recommended by the Australian Council of higher education in 2001, with first-class teaching, research and student service facilities. It has successively won the National Student Service Award and the highest research award of Australian universities. Over the years, the university has cultivated a large number of excellent talents, and has made outstanding achievements in the aspects of student demand, employment prospects and research results, making it a senior and outstanding capital university.

The university has two campuses in two major cities on the island: the seat of Tasmania government, Hobart in the South and Launceston in the north. Campus environment is beautiful, public security is good, natural scenery is magnificent. The University of Tasmania, which won the National Award for its excellent student service in 1998 and 1999, is very concerned about the needs of students. There are various service facilities on the campus, including shops, post offices, barber shops, banks, bookstores, job introduction, clubs, gymnasiums and restaurants.

   Study abroad 360 As the only university in Tasmania, Australia, the school has a wide range of courses. The university has six faculties: arts, business, law, education, health science, science and engineering; Courses are offered in six key areas: population and health, society, geography and change, sustainable development, environment, Antarctic research and oceanography, and cutting edge technology.

Tasmania, an island province of Australia, is 240 km away from Australia. It has unique and beautiful scenery, simple local customs, friendly residents and low living cost. It is the university that offers the most scholarships to international students in Australia. The parks and unique natural scenery all over the country, modern teaching equipment, reasonable tuition and living expenses, high level of education and research level, are one of the best choices for overseas students to study.

   University of Tasmania master's fees

(1) faculty of Arts

Master's fee: a $20263 per year

(2) faculty of Education

Master's fee: 18763 a year

(3) faculty of business

Master's fee: a $22563 per year

(4) faculty of law

Master's fee: a $22500 per year

(5) faculty of science, engineering and technology

Master's fee: a $19241 per year

(6) Australian Maritime College

Master's fee: a $24263 per year

(7) faculty of Health Science

Master's fee: a $21484 per year

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