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How much do you charge for studying in Italy

Source: unknown 2016-06-16

The way of heaven Studying in Italy How much intermediary fees should be charged consultation The way of heaven Overseas Study Intermediary companies, different branches.

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   Italy (Italian: Italia), the full name of the Italian Republic (Italian: Republica Italiana), is a European country, mainly composed of the Apennine Peninsula in southern Europe and two islands in the Mediterranean, Sicily and Sardinia. It covers an area of 301333 square kilometers and has a population of 60.02 million. The northern Alps and France Switzerland Austria And Slovenia, which is bordered by two mini States, San Marino and the Vatican. Italy is the cradle of European nations and cultures, which gave birth to Roman culture and itracan civilization. Rome, the capital of Italy, has been the political center of the western world and the capital of Roman Empire for centuries. At the end of the 13th century, Italy became the birthplace of European Renaissance. For various reasons, it attracts many students to study in Italy. Today, studying in 360 brings us several advantages of studying in Italy. I hope it can help you!

   [advantages of studying in Italy]

1. The education is relatively developed and the specialty has its own characteristics

Italy is the birthplace of the European Renaissance, once the European cultural center, higher education and scientific research are relatively developed. Most of the universities in Italy have profound cultural heritage, a long history, strong faculty and large scale.

The famous universities founded earlier are: Padua University founded in 1222, Rome University founded in 1303, Vicenza university founded in 1104, Arezzo university founded in 1213, Les university founded in 1224 and Turin university founded in 1405. There are also the Pisa normal school, the University of Pavia, the University of Pisa and the University of Milan, all of which are famous institutions of higher learning in Europe.

According to statistics, there are nearly 200 higher education institutions in Italy, including more than 70 comprehensive universities, mainly public universities, providing nearly 400 undergraduate degree courses and more than 60 postgraduate courses.

In Italian higher education, the most famous majors are law and art design, especially opera, plastic arts, architecture and fashion design. If Chinese students go to Italy to study art, stage setting, singing, performance, architectural design and fashion majors such as fashion design and jewelry design, their employment situation will be very good.

Italian industry is relatively developed, so some science and engineering majors such as mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, automotive engineering or information engineering are also good choices.

2. Studying abroad costs less than 100000 yuan a year

Up to now, Italy is still one of the few countries in the world where university education is free of tuition. Most public universities only need to pay a certain registration fee every year. International students studying in public universities can not only be free of tuition, but also enjoy the same benefits as Italian students, such as free medical care.

According to reports, Italy has the same charging standards for domestic and international students, and the annual registration fee for undergraduates is 300-1000 euros. At the same time, the cost of living in Italy is also lower than that in other European countries. The annual total expenditure is about 10000 euro (equivalent to about 100000 yuan), with an average of 8000 euro.

During the period of studying professional courses, they can also get a grant of 1700-4300 euro and a certain amount of scholarship every academic year. In daily life, international students can enjoy free medical care as long as they participate in the unified student medical insurance. They also have 20 hours of part-time work every week, and they can get 200-500 euros.

3. Students with more than 380 scores in the college entrance examination can apply to Italy

The length of undergraduate courses in Italian higher education is 3 years, the duration of undergraduate courses is 5 years, master's degree is 1-2 years, and doctor's degree is 3 years.

Student application in China Italian universities The course of study must have a high school diploma, and the diploma must be translated into Italian, and must be confirmed and certified by the Italian Embassy and consulate. Senior high school students are required to score more than 380 in the college entrance examination; Requirements for art candidates: {college entrance examination score + (art score / total score of Art) * 750} / 2 > 380.

In terms of language requirements, students participating in the Marco Polo and Turandot programs do not need to provide language scores, and the registration time is from November to December every year. Other students who apply directly to Italian universities are required to provide the relevant Italian language scores or take the oral test of the embassy according to the requirements of the Embassy in that year.

Starting from this year, students who take part in further education courses can change their study residence to work residence if they find a job after the course is over, without waiting for the labor importation to obtain the quota. Bachelor degree, master's degree and professional training graduates can quickly change the mode of residence.

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 How much do you charge for studying in Italy

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