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How about Weijiu studying in New Zealand

Source: unknown 2016-06-16

Weijiu Overseas Study Study in New Zealand How about handling it? It has a certain popularity in the industry. Founded in 1999, Weijiu has nearly 20 years of experience in studying abroad, covering many countries and regions, Studying in the UK Especially focused. Study abroad + language training, Weijiu has always been committed to providing customers with all-round international education services and building a first-class service organization for studying abroad in China.

internet Study in New Zealand Application, first choice Study abroad 360 consultation Tel: 4008-941-360

Study abroad 360 released in 2016 New Zealand Top 10 value added services for studying abroad

 Study abroad 360

Study abroad 360 will hold high the banner of studying in New Zealand, which will have a great impact on the industry. Therefore, there are many latecomers. For the New Zealand study abroad program, it is easy to imitate the point of applying for studying in New Zealand. But what are the top ten extreme services that can truly reflect the value of studying in New Zealand?

1. "Visa compensation"

Due to the average 3-10 years of experience in overseas application, the success rate of application is 100%. CRM system application node control, each application material is confirmed by the manager level to ensure that the application process is correct. Private butler service, application consultants, visa consultants, etc. are responsible for the whole process. More responsible than the traditional intermediary, more reliable than DIY.

Commitment: 100% successful admission + 100% full service + 100% transparent process + 100% free application, 3000 yuan compensation for visa refusal.

2. "Shuttle bus"

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