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Study in the United States: introduction to the application conditions and procedures of each stage

Source: unknown 2016-06-15

Primary and secondary schools: primary school graduates or above are required. They can apply for grades 7 to 8, and they can be grade 6 at the time of application

Senior high school: junior two or above, senior three before the education, can apply for 9 ~ 11 grades, the general United States 12 grade no longer accept applications.

Preparatory course: the United States undergraduate double admission, generally requires students to get high school diploma, but the language conditions are not enough

Undergraduate: American undergraduate direct entry, generally requires students to be able to get high school diploma, TOEFL or IELTS can pass 61 ~ 79 points or 5. 5~6。 5 points, some schools also require additional test SAT1 or act, SAT2

College to undergraduate: General requirements of three-year regular college graduates, diploma, can apply for undergraduate transfer credits.

Master's degree: the general requirement is four-year undergraduate degree with a degree. The basic requirement of GPA is 3. About 0.

Application steps:

  1。 Confirm the school selection scheme and major with the consultant;

  2。 Prepare materials under the guidance of consultants and submit application materials in time;

  3。 Mining and sorting of application background materials;

  4。 The consultant transfers the application materials reviewed by the consulting manager to the copy center;

  5。 The copy manager reviews the application materials;

  6。 The copy consultant makes the document material;

  7。 The copy consultant follows up the application results;

  8。 The consultant shall inform the client of the application results;

  9。 After obtaining the admission notice, the accompanying consultant will guide the preparation of visa materials;

  10。 Accompany the consultant to verify and collect the visa materials, make a written face-to-face signature scheme, and complete the preparation of face-to-face signature documents;

  11。 Accompany the manager to review visa materials and face to face visa scheme;

  12。 Simulation face tag;

  13。 Final visa materials and simulation results;

  14。 Face to face signature of the embassy;

  15。 Arrange airport pick-up and accommodation;

  16。 Inform the physical examination and pre travel guidance

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