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How to apply to American universities with act scores?

Source: unknown 2016-06-16

In the early stage of act examination, many students have planned or been guided to understand the application requirements of American universities. If you want to get the ideal offer of American undergraduate course at one time, you need to plan in detail. Due to the large number of students applying for studying in the United States and the pressure of application, making a good plan in advance and making a good application schedule for studying in the United States can help you improve the success rate of admission. The following act club takes the application for undergraduate study in the United States in 2017 as an example to introduce the general timetable for you:

February to March 2016: define the target of studying abroad, select the agency for studying abroad, conduct evaluation, and preliminarily determine the application direction; If you enter the preparation stage of ACT test (or TOEFL, SAT), you can choose to attend the training class.

April June 2016: enter the second stage of preparation for the exam, and successfully win the act exam (or TOEFL, SAT).

July August 2016: through guidance and inquiry, master the relevant information of American universities, and prepare for the selection of schools and the preliminary scope of application. Understand the deep understanding and application expectation of choosing major.

September to October 2016: determine the application institution, provide relevant materials to the school you choose, and tailor the documents for studying abroad according to your own situation; Open the certificate of achievement and contact the teacher for recommendation.

October December 2016: enter the formal application: mainly online application, mail, etc. You need to provide act transcripts (or TOEFL, sat transcripts) and high school academic transcripts. It is recommended not to submit the online application and send materials on the last day of the deadline, so as not to affect your application plan.

January February 2017: practice oral English more and prepare for the interview often encountered by American university applications. Confirm the receiving and sending of materials and application status with the school.

From March to may, 2017: after receiving the offer of admission notice from the school, they decided to choose their own final school, accepted the admission of the school, and declined other schools that issued the admission notice.

June August 2017: after all the application materials are ready, apply to the U.S. Embassy and consulate in China for student visa. Booking air tickets, contact accommodation, airport pick-up, foreign exchange and other matters.

August September 2017: after obtaining a US visa, fly to the United States one week before the start of school.

The following is a summary of the performance requirements of American universities for act examination by act club, so that students can use it as a reference when choosing Universities:

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