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There are six requirements to apply for studying in American high school

Source: unknown 2016-06-15

 There are six requirements to apply for studying in American high school

The United States is one of the most popular countries to study abroad, especially with the increasing trend of studying abroad at a younger age. The application for studying in American high school has become the choice of a large number of middle school students. What conditions should the application meet? Today, the group experts have sorted out the detailed contents of the application conditions of American high school students. The following six points are shared with you.

In fact, the application conditions of American high school students are actually the requirements of American high school students applying for studying in American high school. What are these conditions? This paper analyzes the application conditions of American high school students.

1. Good academic performance in school. Students are required to rank at least in the top 20 grades.

2. High marks in foreign language examination abroad. The TOEFL score should be at least 600, and more importantly, the score of the college entrance examination in the United States should be at least 2200.

Sat is available in Hong Kong and can be tested seven times a year. Since March 2005, the SAT has been reformed from 1600 to 2400. At the same time, the writing part has been added. At present, sat mainly includes three parts: mathematics, English judgment reading and English writing.

For domestic students, the most difficult part is English judgment reading, which involves a wide range of knowledge, including humanities, natural science, medicine and other aspects. At the same time, students are required to have a vocabulary of at least 15000. In order to achieve higher scores, it is recommended that students take at least 200 class hours of SAT Training.

Third, good performance in extracurricular practice. That is, the comprehensive ability and quality of an individual, which is the most important point of famous American schools. For example, published novels, outstanding stylistic skills, participated in the operation of scientific experiments, designed some models, participated in large-scale competitions and won awards.

Fourth, the recommendation letter should be true. Famous American schools often require students to provide two articles and a letter of recommendation. There are no restrictions on the content and subject matter of the article, but it is an excellent way to show the level of self; The recommendation letter should be complete and true to sell yourself.

5. People who write recommendation letters should know themselves. The recommender is not necessarily a celebrity, but it must have a deeper understanding of the applicant. It is closely related to the applicant's study and life. It can be a school teacher or principal.

6. The key to interview is to have original opinions. This is the most critical step in the whole application process. There are a lot of excellent students who are qualified in all aspects. They are often dismissed in the interview.

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