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Differences between public high schools and private high schools studying abroad in the United States

Source: unknown 2016-06-15

In recent years, more and more people choose American high schools to study abroad. However, parents also encounter problems in choosing schools for their children. American high schools can be roughly divided into public high schools and private high schools. Which type of high schools is suitable for my children? What are the differences between public high schools and private high schools in the United States? Now Zhaolong study abroad experts one by one for you to analyze.

     1. The difference between American local high schools and overseas international schools

     International schools refer to SAS, YCIS, BISS, Concordia, Dulwich College, etc. the proportion of Asian students in these schools is relatively large, and the students are diversified. Many students have lived in multiple cities or countries with their parents. They have a broad vision, a wide range of knowledge and a single family background. Many teachers have done a variety of work, rich experience. However, the disadvantage of international schools lies in the great mobility of teachers and students. Therefore, teachers' teaching experience and stability are not comparable to those of American schools. It is difficult for students to have long-term stable friends. The biggest drawback is that the resources of international schools are more limited than those of American local schools, just like the difference between whether a tree is planted in a wide field or in a flowerpot.

     2. Differences between public and private schools in the United States

     Public schools have clear regulations on the qualifications of teachers, but private school teachers are more responsible. Public school students are diverse, just like a small society, students' academic and social life are more dependent on themselves. Private school is the concept of elite training and preparing for the University. Small class teaching enables teachers to pay attention to every student. Rich donations from graduates make the school have high-quality sports ground, library, art gallery and other facilities, as well as more associations and clubs. In addition, private school counselors have more practical guidance than public schools. Last but not least, there are some differences between private schools and public schools in terms of training concepts. The so-called elite training in private schools can be explained by school after-school clubs. The most important thing public schools offer is mock courts to foster students' fair psychology and eloquence. Private schools do not have mock courts, The most popular model of the United Nations and Congress is to cultivate the concept of caring about national problems and solving world problems.

     3. The difference between private boarding schools and day schools

     First of all, boarding school teaching quality is high, 24-hour closed management allows students and teachers to have more opportunities to communicate, students have a closer relationship with each other, a certain proportion of international students make boarding schools more diversified. In addition, boarding schools are more training students' autonomy, self-discipline and self-care ability.

     Secondly, most parents can't accompany them, and boarding schools are relatively safer. Of course, if you can find a good host family, it's a training for the integration of language and culture and learning how to get along with people and things.

     Finally, day schools are more geographically located in cities, students have more opportunities to contact with the society, schools are more likely to hire social celebrities to give lectures in schools, and students have more time to spend with their families. However, the disadvantage of day schools is that students are more localized.

     4. The difference between single sex school and mixed school

     Single sex schools can help students strengthen their strengths and overcome their weaknesses, and it is easier to cultivate students' self-confidence in a single subject. Girls' science subjects are more prominent, their speeches are more confident, they are more involved in and discuss politics, and boys prefer liberal arts. Mixed school is a more real society, giving students more social opportunities. Boys and girls know each other how to get along with each other and how to establish a good relationship. Because boys and girls look at problems from different angles and have different understandings. The diversified views and ideas of mixed schools enable boys and girls to learn from each other and learn different ideas from each other.

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