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Fund preparation for master's study in the United States

Source: unknown 2016-06-15

What funds do you need to prepare to study in the United States? Studying in the U.S. is expensive, so you must be prepared in advance. Today, I'm going to give you some explanations. I hope it will be helpful to you.

1. Capital guarantee is very important. It is necessary to clarify the source

When applying for a visa, students generally need to provide a financial guarantee for the total expenses of studying in the United States during their study in the United States, and be able to clearly state the source of funds. However, the amount of funds required by different applicants is different, which is generally divided into full Award / half Award / self payment.

In principle, the U.S. visa requires funds to be deposited for more than half a year, and time deposit is the best personal deposit. The best choice for banks to deposit is large state-owned banks or joint-stock banks. When the time of fixed deposit is not enough, it can be supplemented according to different professional background of parents; Real estate, cars, stocks, funds can be submitted as supporting materials, and the requirements must be original, so as to be authentic and credible. It should be noted that do not fake, once the fraud is found out, the consequences are very serious, and may even permanently refuse to sign.

2. The best way to apply for credit card is to use money order

After successfully obtaining the visa for studying in the United States, students also need to be prepared for studying in the United States. American schools generally require students to register and choose their courses before paying tuition fees. Payment by draft and credit card is accepted at the same time. Students can draw up two bills of exchange in front of the bank. One bill is used to pay the tuition fees. The payee of the other bill is the student himself. After arriving in the United States, he can open an account in the local bank and collect the draft.

Parents can also apply for primary and secondary credit cards for students. In this way, parents can get the specific information of students' consumption through bank statements and bank consumption messages in time. It is worth noting that students can not carry a large amount of cash with them. If you want to bring cash, the U.S. entry requirement is less than $10000.

3. Careful preparation of living expenses should be considered in different cities

Generally speaking, the living standard of American cities can be divided into four levels. First tier cities, such as San Francisco and New York, cost 1000-2000 dollars per month. Secondary cities, such as Pittsburgh, Seattle, etc., cost of living is 800-1000 US dollars / month. Third tier cities, such as Texas and Wisconsin, have a living cost of $600-800 per month. Fourth tier cities, such as Oklahoma and Missouri, cost 450-600 dollars per month. Generally, it costs about $30000 to $75000 a year.

Therefore, the preparation of living expenses should take into account the living index of the city. Different cities can have different preparation methods. However, the medical expenses in the United States are extremely expensive. For international students who are not covered by the health insurance of the United States, the school has arranged a kind of enhanced medical insurance strategy, and the insurance costs should also be taken into account.

4. Don't forget to pay tax late. You should also be fined

The tax policy of the United States is very perfect. Different tax items are foreign taxes. The tax rates of different states are different, and the taxable items are not the same in different states. Any full-time, part-time or even some recipients of scholarships and subsidies are subject to income tax.

Before the end of January each year, scholarship recipients will receive a withholding voucher, which should be photocopied and filed for future use. Federal income tax forms can be obtained from banks and post offices. Sometimes, some forms will be displayed in schools or community libraries, or in foreign student counselors' offices. It is better to obtain the forms early, so as not to delay the tax return period due to the shortage of forms. State tax forms and reporting methods are similar to those in the federal tax reporting act. Students should pay attention to the time of declaration. If they pay late, they will be fined.

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