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What kind of preparation do you need to prepare for American graduate students to study abroad?

Source: unknown 2016-06-15

If the partners want to study abroad after graduation from University, the year of junior year is undoubtedly an important year for US graduate students to apply. Here are some suggestions from jiaomei paper, hoping that students who are interested in studying abroad in the United States can prepare early.

The application cycle of graduate students in the United States is very long, generally one year in advance. If you plan not to find a job in China after graduation, you should immediately go to the United States to study for a master's degree (for example, graduated in June 2016, and began to study in the United States in September 2016). You must start to prepare for your junior year or even sophomore. In the United States, the preparation of graduate applications should be one to two years in advance, including various examinations, financial preparation, pre master's courses and so on.

In order to make junior students have a clear and complete understanding of the whole process from application to admission of American graduate students, so that they can make the plan for studying abroad as soon as possible, the following suggestions are put forward for junior students.

What do you need to do during your junior year?

1. Make sure what kind of master's degree you want to study in the United States, and then decide which kind of postgraduate entrance examination you want to take

First of all, all foreign students have to take TOEFL no matter what major they study. They can only apply for TOEFL at a minimum of 80 points. No one is excluded (some schools require a lower score for TOEFL, but we should try our best to improve it). Second, the application for a master's degree in the United States also requires graduate entrance examination results, and different colleges require different examination results. Chinese students generally take only two kinds of tests: GRE or GMAT. Those who want to go to business school are required to take GMAT, and those who want to study in liberal arts and technology should take gre. However, some majors will be set up in different departments or colleges in different schools. For example, financial engineering major, if set in business school, you should take GMAT; If you are in the Department of mathematics or engineering, you have to take gre; It's also possible to take both GRE and GMAT. Therefore, it is the premise to know what major you are studying. Many students don't consider what major to apply for at all. Seeing that other students are taking GRE classes, they blindly sign up for GRE, and only when they finish the exam do they find that they should take the GMAT. If you know the admission requirements of your major in advance, you won't make such a mistake

2. Finish all the examinations required by American universities at the latest during junior year

Whether it is TOEFL, GRE or GMAT, it should be completed by the end of junior year, that is, in the summer of 2015, because the application for master's degree in autumn 2016 started in September 2015. Generally speaking, the busiest application period is from September to the next spring festival. When the application begins, all universities are required to provide TOEFL, GRE, GMAT scores, and send the scores directly to the school through the examination agency. If you do not have a language score when you submit your application, the school will not review your application.

What's more, they can't choose their own schools because they don't have grades. Moreover, many good schools have an early deadline for application, and they stop accepting applications from December to January. Without TOEFL and gre / GMAT, it would be impossible to catch up with a large number of schools with early deadline. Therefore, the best arrangement is that the earlier the GRE and GMAT scores are, the better, and even better for freshmen and sophomores.

TOEFL can be completed in the junior year. Because GRE and GMAT scores are valid for five years, while TOEFL scores are valid for two years. For those college students who have been determined to study in the United States and know what they want to learn from University, freshmen and sophomores can consider taking gre / GMAT, because the pressure on the courses is not great and there is plenty of time.

3. Go all out to make GPA score above 80

Two kinds of students are often found. One is that the GPA is very low in freshmen and sophomores, with more than 60-70 points, but after the third year, the score is getting better and better, up to more than 80 points. However, the average GPA in four years is still less than 80 points. Another kind of students think that they have decided to go abroad anyway, so they put their time and energy into English training and ignore the scores of various subjects. As a result, the average GPA score has dropped to less than 80. Even though their TOEFL and gre / GMAT scores are good, their low GPA makes their application competitiveness and success rate lower than those with higher GPA.

As we all know, the minimum score for graduate admission in the United States is 3.0 (equivalent to 80 points), and it is not advantageous to apply if the score is less than 3.0. If the GPA is lower than 2.5 (75 points), it is difficult to be admitted to graduate school. During the undergraduate period, I will try my best to make the average GPA of the University reach more than 80 points, and the higher the better.

4. Supplement the undergraduate background courses required by the master's major as soon as possible

If you want to go to the U.S. for a master's degree, you must find out whether the major you want to apply for requires an undergraduate course background, and what courses you have to take. This is very important for the admission of graduate students. Some American universities do not consider the admission of students with no undergraduate background at all. In China, many undergraduate students change their major when applying for American graduate students, which is completely different from or even irrelevant to their major. A student of human resources science wants to go to the United States to study accounting master's degree. However, he has not taken any accounting related courses and has no working experience. Therefore, it is almost impossible to be admitted to a university with better accounting major in the United States.

5. Have a comprehensive and systematic understanding of American universities, majors and application procedures

Whether you decide to do DIY or find a study agency to help you apply for studying in the United States, you must spend enough time in your junior year to understand the admission standards and application procedures of American universities and what application materials to prepare. As we all know, the application for studying in the United States should be started one year in advance. If you are a junior and have no idea what school you want to apply for, how can you apply well in your senior year? However, there are more than 4000 universities in the United States. Which one should you choose? This is a very time-consuming thing, even if Americans go to college themselves, they have to ask for advice. Even if you are good at English, you may not be able to read fast. If you are still learning English and taking the TOEFL exam in your junior year, you obviously don't have this ability. Then you have to find a consulting company you trust to study abroad. Therefore, we advise you not to wait until the senior year to worry about it. The junior should start

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