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What are the fees for studying abroad for master's degree in the United States?

Source: unknown 2016-06-15

The first is the guarantee fee applied by American graduate students.


Guarantee fees for two-year courses for international graduate students in the United States.

1. If there is no language, you must first read ESL language course. The fund guarantee fee for studying in the United States for graduate students is 500000 for two-year professional courses + language.

2. If the language meets the requirements, those who study in the United States for postgraduate study can directly enter the professional courses. The fund guarantee fee for the graduate students in the United States is 400000 for the two-year professional courses.

Tuition fees for US graduate students 2: tuition fees for US graduate students:

The academic year of graduate students in the United States is two years, and the annual tuition fee is about 90000 yuan. American public universities generally charge less than private universities. The average private college tuition is about $25000 to $45000 a year. Tuition fees in public universities are about $10000 to $20000 a year. Some professional colleges, such as business schools, law schools and engineering schools, are more expensive, with tuition fees ranging from $25000 to $35000 per year.

Cost of studying abroad for American graduate students 3: living expenses of American graduate students studying abroad:


This is a relatively large number of fluctuations, with a conservative estimate of about 70000 per year.

Of course, in the process of studying abroad in the United States, it is also a considerable expense to apply for scholarships for outstanding students. The scholarship application for studying in the United States depends on your TOEFL (test of English foreign language, GRE (Graduate Record Exam), GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test), LSAT (Law School Admission Test), TSE (test of spoke English).

The cost of living varies with the District of the school. The cost of living in big cities on the East and west coasts of the United States is relatively high. For example, in metropolises such as New York, Boston, San Francisco and Chicago, the annual cost of living is about 12000 to 20000 US dollars, equivalent to about 120000 yuan. The cost of living in the Midwest and southern parts of the United States is relatively cheap, such as Wisconsin, Texas and North Carolina. The annual living expenses are about 8000 to 10000 US dollars, equivalent to about 70000 yuan.

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