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When is the best time to apply for Korean undergraduate study?

Source: unknown 2016-06-15

The opening time of professional courses in Korean universities is twice a year, which is the same as that in China, but the difference is that September is the new semester in China, while March is the new semester in Korea. Although most schools in South Korea can apply for new students in September in order to facilitate the application of Chinese students, the overseas teachers remind students to plan their study time as well as possible to apply for admission in March, especially for freshmen of undergraduate course. Firstly, because of the so-called "do as the Romans do in Rome", they can feel the life of studying abroad in Korean universities, For some very excellent universities, enrollment in September is still a "shift in", so there will be fewer choices for some majors, and there will be a lot less applicants. Even some universities have separate classes for Chinese students who enter professional courses in September, so that they will have less contact with Korean students.

Graduate students don't have to worry about whether to enroll in March or September.

Like the college, the application for professional courses should be prepared in advance, but the application for professional courses is much earlier than that of the college. Generally, the registration and application are started 7-8 months in advance. In other words, if you want to apply for admission in March, you need to apply from June to August of the previous year (the specific time will be different for each school every year), Moreover, this period has gradually entered the deadline, so the application materials should be prepared earlier. It is better to prepare the materials before August at least. Generally, we suggest that students can prepare them when they go home in summer vacation and bring them together at the beginning of school, so as not to be too flustered and at a loss.

Students studying in South Korea remind students: when enrolling professional courses in South Korean universities, generally the well-known schools will close earlier. Students should pay attention to the time of the school they wish to apply for and the relevant information published. In addition, it is suggested to prepare one or two sets of materials for the sake of insurance. One is to apply for one or two more schools at the same time, In addition, the main reason is that if the school is not admitted, the materials will not be returned, so as not to delay the application of other schools. Therefore, it is the most important to grasp the time when applying for a university. It is important to avoid the time you want to come. However, if the number of students in the university is full, you will not be able to apply. It is not necessarily according to the deadline.

The above is a brief introduction to the application time of Korean undergraduate students. I hope it can be helpful to Chinese students who want to apply for studying in Korea. If you have more questions about studying in South Korea, please call the hotline 400-088-6518 to consult Yulu overseas study experts. Or scan the QR code below to pay attention to wechat preparatory Center for studying abroad for more information.

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