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Check the entrance conditions of Marne lavare University

Source: unknown 2016-06-16


Marne lavare university is a multi-disciplinary university established in 1991. It has been committed to developing a high-level teaching that combines academic knowledge with vocational training.

360 experts pointed out that as an important role in the development of eastern Paris, the University of Marne Lavalle currently offers more than 170 diploma courses at all levels from bachelor's degree to doctor's degree, one third of which are professional degree courses. At present, the school has 11500 students, covering a wide range of disciplines, including art, mathematics, computer information, material science, literature, language, economic management, humanities and social sciences.

The University of Marne lavare is located in the eastern suburb of Paris, about 20 km away from Paris. It takes 10 minutes to reach the center of Paris by express light rail.

Before 1989, Marne lavare University was attached to the seventh University of Paris, formerly known as "University of science and technology". In 1991, the University of science and technology was established independently, with its headquarters located in the valley of Marne, a suburb of Paris. The school trains students, postgraduates and doctoral students with 110 majors. There are also 8 research institutes, 4 technical colleges and 17 laboratories. There are currently 15000 students in school.

Marne lavare university has its own originality in the fields of special industry management, information engineering and new material science, and has won very high praise. Because it is a newly built school, both the school buildings and various facilities are very modern. This superior hardware condition is incomparable to the University of Paris.

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