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Five types of scholarship for studying in France

Source: unknown 2016-06-15

1. French government scholarship
A scholarship granted by the government to train doctors.
There are two types of scholarships:
One is the scholarship awarded by the French embassies and other governments in cooperation projects.
More than 80% of French government scholarships are awarded here. Applications for such scholarships can be obtained from the cultural action and Cooperation Office of the French embassy or Consulate General in China.
The other is the "excellent student award", which aims to make French universities accept the best foreign students and carry out international cooperation among universities.
The Paris based Department of the French Ministry of foreign affairs is directly responsible for such scholarships. For example, the "evere excellent student award" is aimed at the best foreign students who come to France to study. According to the regulations, the award is limited to the master's degree courses in the three major scientific fields of engineering, economics and management, and law and political science. The "first outstanding student award" targets foreign alumni of French overseas high schools. The "foreign doctor scholarship" is a one-year scholarship for young foreign doctors selected by the United Hospital of Paris hospitals. The applicants must be under 35 years old and have the qualification equivalent to the fourth year internship level of Paris hospital in the host country.
2. Scholarship to study in France of Doctoral Research Institute
The number of such scholarships is relatively small, and requires graduate students to rank at the top of the class before they can get it.
3. Scholarship awarded by the government of the student's home country
After going through the relevant procedures for studying abroad, international students can sort out the relevant materials, including admission notice, report card, etc., and apply for the scholarship established by the government of their own country.
4. Scholarships awarded by international or non-governmental organizations
5. Eiffel scholarship for studying in France
All students can apply for the scholarship. It is mainly aimed at students studying law, economics and engineers, and the younger the applicant, the better, mainly through the school application.

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