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Study in Thailand high school

Source: unknown 2016-06-15

360 Education Group warmly invited to visit famous international schools in Thailand

In August 2015, 360 Education Group )He was invited to visit America School of Bangkok, a famous international school in Thailand. President Mr. Thomas, vice president Ms. Shira and director of International Admissions Mr. Bartek of American School of Bangkok warmly met with Mr. Jin Kai, vice president of 360 education group, Betty, manager of marketing department, and two other overseas consultants of Thailand Department, Mr. Zhang and Mr. Chen.

During the talk, both sides introduced their own corporate culture and school running philosophy, and also talked about the future prospects and prospects. The school recognizes the outstanding contribution made by the Thailand Department of 360 education group in the past year to the field of education in Thailand. Mr. Thomas, the principal of 360 education group, also hopes that 360 Thailand Department will make a greater breakthrough and achieve better results this year, especially in the field from nursery school to high school in Thailand.

   "School profile"

Founded in 1983, American School of Bangkok is an international school accredited by WASC. The school provides a modern and high-quality American education model for students aged 2-18 years, focusing on students' thinking development, autonomous learning, effective communication and international adaptability. The school has two campuses in Bangkok, one is sukhumvitcampus in the center of the city, the other is Green Valley Campus. Both campuses have large and comfortable campus environment, with fitness venues, swimming pools, tennis courts and so on. According to the age and learning process of students, the education mode they contact is also gradually changing. The children in tole and kindergarten mainly learn how to take care of their own life, cultivate their interest and develop their thinking. Primary school students mainly learn how to get along with others, expand their thinking and interest. Of course, junior high school students will pay attention to more academic things, but there is no lack of sound development of moral, intellectual, physical and aesthetic. Extracurricular students will often participate in various sports and fitness, swimming, tennis, basketball, table tennis are all popular sports, girls will also participate in dance courses, physical exercise, improve their temperament and self-cultivation.

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