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How to apply for master's degree in Singapore

Source: unknown 2016-06-15

Singapore's higher education inherits the essence of western education represented by the United Kingdom. Combined with the solid academic foundation of the East, Singapore's higher education has attracted worldwide attention. Singapore has a number of well-known universities offering master's degree programs, including public and private universities.

   Public University

The four public universities in Singapore are: National University of Singapore, Nanyang Polytechnic University of Singapore, Singapore Management University and Singapore University of technology and design. These four universities have full strength and reputation all over the world. In addition to the Singapore University of science and technology and design, which was just enrolled in 2012, the other three universities offer world-class master's degree courses, which are the leading master's colleges in Singapore pursued by most Chinese students.

   Private University

For Chinese students, it is very difficult to apply for master's degree of Singapore Public University, and the admission rate is very low. Most Singaporean students will choose private universities, such as Singapore East Asia Management Institute, Singapore Kaibo higher education, Singapore PSB college, etc. The master's degree of private universities in Singapore is provided by well-known universities in Europe and America, including the awarding of relevant master's degree. The admission conditions of private universities in Singapore are relatively loose, but they also need to go through strict examination and screening in order to successfully graduate and get the diploma.

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