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Introduction of undergraduate fees for studying in Japan

Source: unknown 2016-06-15

When applying for studying in Japan, students should read more materials about studying in Japan. These materials will introduce the expenses of studying in Japan. Let's have a look at the information about the expenses of studying in Japan.

Japanese undergraduate study fee - Language School: 700000 yen / year.

Japan's undergraduate study expenses - National 750000 yen / year, public university 860000 yen / year, private university 1 million yen / year.

Japan's undergraduate study fee - big college: the national public university 560000 yen / year, the private university depends on what major and what school, the highest cost can be up to 1.2 million yen / year.

Characteristics of undergraduate fees in Japan: tuition fees in the second year are 70% of those in the first year. Japan's undergraduate universities have tuition fee remission policies, many schools can achieve 50% fee remission.

Living expenses of undergraduate study in Japan

Japanese study abroad costs 24000 yen per month for food, electricity and gas, 30000 yen for rent, 7000 yen for hobbies and entertainment after school, 8000 yen for transportation, 3000 yen for medical insurance, 57000 yen for study and 11000 days for miscellaneous expenses. Therefore, the Japanese students' monthly income is about 120000 yen, and 150000 days if they are in Tokyo. In this way, the cost of studying abroad in Japan is about 150 yen a year.

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