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How to apply for undergraduate study in Japan

Source: unknown 2016-06-15

(1) Reasons for studying abroad. Fill in the details of the purpose of study in Japan and the elective subjects, in duplicate.
(2) Personal resume. From primary school, in duplicate.
(3) Oath. It is in duplicate. The style and content are provided by the Japanese embassy. The applicant can copy it and sign it.
(4) Fill in the Japanese entry visa application form. In duplicate.
(5) Certificate of the relationship between the applicant and the guarantor issued by the public security organ.
(6) The final school diploma of the applicant.
(7) Admission notice of the admitted school.
(8) Body guarantee. It is required to state clearly the travel expenses, tuition fees and living expenses of the applicant during the study period in Japan, and ensure that the applicant complies with the laws of Japan and returns to China on schedule. In duplicate.
(9) The guarantor's tax certificate.
(10) Passport and 5 recent bareheaded photos of the applicant.

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