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Study abroad in Japan after junior high school graduates?

Source: unknown 2016-06-15

 It is also a good choice to go to Japan after graduation from junior high school. After all, it takes at least five to six years to go to high school, junior college or general undergraduate in China. It's good to study in Japan during this period. But there are many aspects to pay attention to in Japan after graduating from junior high school. First, you have to have a good family financial situation. Because in Japan, you need at least 15W a year, Including tuition and living expenses Second, you should have a good mental quality, because you are very young, junior high school graduation is about 16, 17 years old. All aspects of ability, ah, also need to have better ability. Third, you should go to a strange place, if you have relatives or family members you know. It's very tiring to struggle alone. I have a good college to introduce to you There's a Columbia International College that's recruiting international students You have to find someone who knows Japan to help you read the website or google translate. This college was originally in Canada, but now it has established a college in Japan. We are recruiting primary school graduates, junior high school graduates and senior high school graduates.

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