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Ten aspects that parents must know when applying for studying in Japanese high school

Source: unknown 2016-06-15

Since 2015, compared with previous years, Japanese high school students are becoming more and more popular, and the number of Japanese high school students who can apply for it has also increased a lot compared with the previous two years.

So, what do parents have to know when they decide to go to high school in Japan? The following is the answer given by the teacher of China Japan Net - Japan study network. Of course, it does not mean the standard answer, but maybe it is just a kind of warm suggestion:

1. You must know whether your child is suitable for studying in Japanese high school

This seemingly non problem is the most important one.

Many parents have not thought deeply about this problem.

If you just feel that you have enough financial capacity to pay for your child's study abroad in Japan, you can let your child go to high school in Japan, which is better than that in China.

But if your child is a child with poor self-care ability, or a child with weak independence and strong dependence, or a child with very weak psychology, or a spoiled child, or a child with poor self-discipline, then, as a parent, it is really necessary to carefully decide whether to let their children study abroad to study in Japanese high school.

2. To study in Japanese high school, you must know whether your financial ability is enough to pay for studying in Japanese high school

Let the children go to Japan's high school, for ordinary working families, or will encounter great economic pressure.

Because different Japanese high schools need to spend different expenses. Some Japanese high schools only need 1.2 million yen for the whole year, and the total cost of three years is less than 4 million yen; The total cost of high school in Tokyo is about 3 million yen a year, at least more than 2 million yen. In this way, the cost of nearly 10 million yen is required for three years of high school education, which is not affordable for ordinary families. Therefore, when choosing high school in Japan, the cost is also a problem that must be considered.

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